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❶After fully understanding your interests, goals and preferences, we analyze transcripts, standardized test scores, extra-curricular resume and personal history. Preferred college type, location, size, reputation, etc.

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Also, appropriate for transfer students and 9th, 10th or 11th grade students who require limited guidance in certain specific areas. The Senior Package 2 is appropriate for students who are seniors or rising seniors in high school and who may have much of the college application process under control but who want more guidance and support in certain specific areas.

Also, appropriate for transfer students and 9th, 10th or 11th grade students who require a bit more guidance in certain specific areas. Guidance and assistance with the college admissions process by the hour or in blocks of 15 or 30 hours.

After fully understanding your interests, goals and preferences, we analyze transcripts, standardized test scores, extra-curricular resume and personal history.

We then deliver a page strategic action plan. We make recommendations for high school coursework based on your interests, goals, and performance. May include recommendations for pre-college programs, internships, independent reading and research, and other ways to explore and develop interests.

Recommendations for what tests to take, when to take them and how to prepare for them. Includes full length SAT and ACT diagnostic tests with detailed reports and guidance on score reporting options as appropriate. Using the list you provide we calculate the probability of earning admission and classify each college as a Dream, Reach, Target or Likely.

Fit refers to how colleges will perceive your application. We calculate the probability of earning admission to the initial list of colleges and classify each as a Dream, Reach, Target or Likely. We help students research the individual colleges, understand their main and more subtle differences and revise the list to those that are the best match and fit for them. How an extra-curricular resume is presented can be as important as the activities and accomplishments it lists.

Application essays provide an opportunity to highlight your character, unique perspective, intellectual interests and writing ability. In addition to your personal statement, most selective colleges require their own supplemental essay s.

We help each student develop, revise and edit compelling essays. We provide guidance on what colleges to visit, the best time to go, specific activities to accomplish and how to evaluate the overall experience. To prepare for successful on-campus or alumni interviews, we provide guidance on the types of questions to expect, how to formulate effective answers and how to ask insightful questions. Obtaining the most effective letters requires strategic selection of recommenders, and submitting carefully written request materials.

We provide guidance to obtain the strongest letters possible. We provide the complete applications files of 5 students admitted to an Ivy League College for review and analysis with you. Multiple college application systems and various high school policies can make the completion and submission of applications complex. We provide ongoing guidance from Day 1 through the submission of all applications to help keep students organized and on-schedule. Included is a customized college admission planning calendar with the optimal dates for completion of all application requirements.

The final step is to review and proofread all on line applications to ensure that information has been entered strategically and correctly. We identify colleges where you have the potential to be a recruited athlete and work with you to assemble your recruitment package that includes an academic and athletic resume, recruitment video, letters of interest, and recruiting questionnaires.

We provide guidance on how best to contact coaches to generate interest. We also provide guidance on NCAA recruiting rules and regulations and what coaches typically look for in athletic prospects. When applying to programs for Fine Arts, Fashion, Film, Design, Architecture, Music, Theatre, Dance and other related areas, many colleges require portfolio submissions.

We will navigate you through all phases of creating a compelling portfolio or preparing for an audition that will portray your best work in the right way. We guide students through a major independent project designed for personal development and distinction in the college admissions process.

Projects take place over the course of years and can begin as early as 8th grade. For students who first come to us as middle schoolers or as ninth, tenth, or eleventh graders, we begin with a one-hour evaluation. In so doing, we would also develop an academic and extracurricular strategy that will make your child as competitive as can be to the colleges to which he or she will eventually apply.

Whether you proceed with our assistance with the college application process or not, you will come away from this one-hour evaluation with invaluable insight into the process. One very common comment we hear subsequent to this one-hour evaluation is: Just about every highly selective college offers a great liberal arts education.

Our students do their homework. They show rather than tell admissions officers how much they want to attend a specific university and why. Read More Less Text. For most highly selective colleges, there are a number of supplemental essays in addition to the Personal Statement on the Common Application. Some students may choose to work with us on just a few college applications and some students may choose to work with us on several applications.

Our package, which includes interview prep, a review of the Common Application there are so many mistakes that students can make on the application alone that they may not realize! Maybe a student is first coming to Ivy Coach after being deferred or waitlisted. Ivy Coach can help this student stand out from other deferred or waitlisted candidates by helping craft a powerful and compelling Letter of Enthusiasm, a term we at Ivy Coach coined many years ago.

Or maybe a student is seeking assistance with only prep for an alumni interview.

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College Coach offers a variety of services — from comprehensive assistance to targeted support — to best fit your family’s needs. Our one-on-one college admissions counseling means that you work with a dedicated expert, a former senior admissions officer from a highly selective school, to personalize your experience and address your individual goals.

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College Admissions Counseling At Ivy Coach, we provide college counseling to students seeking admission to Ivy League colleges as well as other highly selective universities. Whether it’s through Skype, FaceTime, phone conversations, or email, we are able to work with students from across the United States and around the world.

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College Admissions Counseling Services You may be asking yourself, “Why hire an independent college admissions counselor?” Because we are singularly dedicated to guiding and supporting your child throughout the college search and selection process. Find the right college and get accepted with help from our expert College Counselors.

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At IvyWise, we offer services to help families navigate the selective college admissions process. IvyWise can help you get into your best-fit college IvyWise has been in business for over 20 years and our team has over years of combined experience. Get into top colleges and grad schools with secrets from our college and ivy league admissions experts. Featured in the Times, Business Week, and Oprah. College Admissions Counseling from the Experts. families from around the world successfully navigate the competitive college admissions process with our white glove service for over