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The Ineffectiveness and Unfairness of the Death Penalty

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❶This act is condoned by people who state the inadmissibility of taking away the life of a living being. There are validated studies that prove states without the death penalty have lower murder rates than states with the death penalty.

Research Paper on Death Penalty

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All of these have impacted the nature of the death penalty, as we all know it today in the United States. These have all influenced the way people view the death penalty and help explain why some people oppose it and some impose it. The people who oppose the death penalty have very different reasons than people who agree with it. Those who oppose it feel that no matter how bad of an offense that the criminal has committed, they should not be executed.

One argument is that the convicted could be innocent. Once the state kills an innocent person, the effects are irreversible. There have been at least 96 instances since of wrongfully convicted people set free before the states had a chance to kill them Internet. DNA evidence has come a long way to help these innocent people to their freedom. The following person is an example of one of those people wrongfully condemned by lack of evidence.

In May , Nate was sentenced to life in prison for a Elizabeth, N. A twelve-year-old semen specimen was located and analyzed. It proved that Nate had a different blood type from the real rapist.

His release won national attention Dicks This is among one of the highest regards to the abolitionist movement towards the death penalty. Thousands have been put to death under one government and when another government came in, or new evidence came in, they were proven to be innocent Dicks The only way to prevent this from happening is to abolish the death penalty altogether.

These wrongful convictions clearly occurred due to some ill proper investigating, prejudice, courtroom laziness, or politics. The discrimination that is inescapable in the selection of the few to be killed under our capital punishment laws is unfortunately of the most irreversible and unacceptable nature Isenberg Among the more high-powered nations in the world the United States remains the leading advocate of death as a punishment for crime, even though innocent people may have been put to death Isenberg The abolitionists also assert that the deterrent theory does not actually work.

It merely produces a brutalizing effect that says to others that killing is o. Since the state has the right to kill, having the death penalty reinforces the perpetrator in that it says it is o. To even approach the number of people to be sentenced to death, to reach the deterrent effect, is unimaginable. Hundreds of thousands, in my opinion, would have to be put to death to reach the deterrent goal.

So those juries that are commanded to use the death penalty have often acquitted, due to beliefs, or charged the perpetrator with a lesser offense Isenberg Even though hundreds of thousands go to trial for murder, juries are reluctant to convict. So our system clearly does not even give room for the deterrent effect, which would be hundreds of thousands put to death, to affect the way perpetrators would think before killing.

States in the United States that do not use the death penalty usually have lower murder rates than states that do Internet. For example, between and , the average murder rate among seven abolitionist states ranged from a high of 1. A closer look shows that murder rates play a contributing role in death penalty arguments across the United States Galliher An example is, between and , the states of West Virginia not yet an abolitionist state and Michigan had relatively higher murder rates of 5.

Therefore, reinforcing the fact that the brutalization effect is right. Maybe since we are in the television revolution, we should televise it more than the little it is today. There are those that are pro-death penalty advocates. They believe that the death penalty serves as a deterrent. They believe others will see that the offender is getting executed for their heinous crime, and this will deter them from ever committing such an act. Death penalty is a rather controversial issue, so it is not easy to write about this problem.

Death penalty or sometimes referred to as capital punishment is the execution of a person by legal process. Crimes that result to death are called capital offence. Historical data on this penalty shows that inhumane ways have been utilized to execute the accused. These included boiling to death, slow slicing, disembowelment, crucifixion, and dismemberment, to name a few. Today, states which support death penalty use lethal injection.

As with any other social issues, there are various opposing views on death penalty. This controversial issue is the very core reason why a death penalty research paper is assigned by many teachers. The opposing views make a good research paper topic.

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So, if you have any need for a death penalty research paper , keep in mind ProfEssays. Why is death penalty such a controversial issue? In most instances, death row inmates could not afford their attorneys, as a result, the court appoints inferior legal representation. Despite contrary arguments regarding the cost of executions , the cost of a capital punishment execution is more fiscally intensive than life imprisonment. Before the actual execution takes place, there are other prolonged stages of the legal process that entails death penalty cases.

Resources are expended during the conviction and sentencing trials, especially for jury selection. Also, prosecutors incur expenses for investigation proceedings. Then ultimately the end result could lead to a retrial. Funds appropriated for capital punishment can have more of a positive impact when allocated to homicide prevention, education, and programs for the families of the victims.

There is no cost-benefit analysis that indicates that capital punishment is diminishing the homicide rates in this country. The death penalty only gives a false sense of security to the general public, despite being allowed by the U. There is a misconception among proponents of capital punishment that the death penalty makes would be murderers more apprehensive to committing these criminal acts. There are validated studies that prove states without the death penalty have lower murder rates than states with the death penalty.

Evidently, the death penalty is an ineffective policy in homicide reduction. Can there be equal justice for a person who kills another? Supporters of abolishing the death penalty do not have misplaced sympathy for murderers.

The ideology of completely abolishing the death penalty nationwide is support for a civilization that upholds the value of human rights.

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Writing a death penalty research paper can be challenging for many reasons. For one thing, it is an emotionally charged subject. Many people have very strong opinions on the death penalty.

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Writing death penalty research paper If you are writing death penalty research paper you need to understand that you are writing about a very serious issue. You cannot just state facts and describe the problem.

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Essay Formats; Essay Examples; Writing Help; The death penalty is motivated by the need for revenge, which is not necessarily justice. Everyone deserves the right to life and that means an attempt to rehabilitate rather than kill, must be made, even in extreme cases. Death Penalty Research Paper Download Template. Research Paper on Death Penalty. By Lauren Bradshaw. May 8, These have all influenced the way people view the death penalty and help explain why some people oppose it and some impose it. Anthropology Papers Medical Papers Term Paper Help Research Paper Help Paper Writing Help Speech Topics Term Paper Topics Homework Help.

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The capital punishments like death penalty help in deterring the crime rate prevailing in a society. he/she should also be convicted with the penalty like death in order to set a strong example for other criminals so that they do not dare to repeat the crime. Our goal is to assist you with all sort of essay writing and research aspects. One of the most popular topics for an argument essay is the death penalty. When researching a topic for an argumentative essay, accuracy is important, which means the quality of your sources is important. If you're writing a paper about the death penalty, you can start with this list of sources.