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Custom 'Iron Jawed Angels' Essay

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❶J par 1 Challenges that women faced in attaining suffrage.

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These kinds of problems made protesting very difficult. When the groups of women were picketing in front of the White House, people walking by were not happy for the situation. They yelled and screamed to the women of the National Women Party, making chaos. Two of the first four women arrested were Lucy Burns and Doris Stevens. After Alice Paul and Emily Leighton, wife of the senator Leighton, were picketing they were also sent to the workhouse.

Finally guards paid attention to that situation and took Paul to the District Mental Hospital and had her evaluated by psychiatrists. Even though she refused, Emily gave a kiss to her husband and put a note in his suit. The note was from Alice Paul.

On the way home Senator Leighton read the note and decided to make it public in the newspaper. I could not see my family or friends, counsel was denied me. I saw no other prisoners and heard nothing of them. I could see no papers. Today I refused to open my mouth. My left nostril, throat, and muscles of my neck are very sore. Iron Jawed Angels Sociology the. Inez Milholland who is also referred to as "the woman on the horse," did not want to go to cross country speaking tour because she knew she was ill and feared that she could not make it.

She was able to change her mind after encouragement by Paul. She decided to risk her life and not allow her infirmity keep her from protesting how her stance on women's rights. She however dies after collapsing when she was speaking. This is peculiar to the women of Iron Jawed Angels that set them apart from the women of their times. The women suffragists had a unique method of demonstrating so as to create change. Several methods were introduced by the Iron Jawed Angels of which are similar to those ones of women suffragists in Britain.

They involved parades, demonstrations, picketing, hunger strikes and mass meetings of which were used along with high…… [Read More]. Women stated many reasons for acceptance, from brainwashed Attitudes of their inferiority, that is engendered weakness, to fears that they would become dispossessed and alone. Men often spouted the opinion that they only wished to protect their wives and mothers from the evils of this world, saying that they were innately weak and subject to fall prey to sinful ways if they were exposed to the evils of the world.

They often cited the story of Genesis as proof of this. Women were often punished for dissent. Some punishments were extreme, such as hanging in some cases in earlier times by religious sects who did not allow dissention, especially by women, who could be executed as witches. A case in point was the execution of Mary Barrett Dyer by the Quakers for disagreeing with the tenets of the church. In this film, the violence is restriced to that…… [Read More].

Violence often brings about momentary results. Nations have frequently won their independence in battle.

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Keywords: iron jawed angels analysis, iron jawed angels summary The movie Iron Jawed Angels is about a woman named Alice Paul, who strongly believed that women should receive the right to vote. Along .

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In Iron Jawed Angels, a movie about the US women’s suffrage movement, the main characters Alice Paul and Lucy Burns had the ability to use political opportunities and mobilize resources available to them in .

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Iron Jawed Angels - Iron Jawed Angels Iron Jawed Angels is a film which portrays the women's suffrage movement during the 's. The film is a documentary and a drama which uses live action and music to deliver the sympathetic and distressful mood the film creates. 'Iron Jawed Angels': Film Analysis Words | 5 Pages. Iron Jawed Angels is the moving film that highlights how Alice Paul and Lucy Burns fought for women's suffrage.

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Iron-Jawed Angels boldly celebrates political activism. Alice Paul was one of the first to organize a picket line at the White House, establish a party separate from NAWSA to protest women’s rights, organize a parade which is the beginning of the battle to achieve awareness of women. Alesha K. McCarty Title: Summary, Reaction, and Analysis Paper #1: Iron-Jawed Angels Iron-Jawed Angels is a film which portrays the ’s women’s suffrage movement. They led the struggle for the passage of the 19th amendment to the constitution which gave women the right to vote.