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Air France UK Phone Numbers:

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❶Was this page helpful? She even escorted us through screening so we did not miss our flight.


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Company provides good food during traveling as you ordered. You can book your seats online by going through Air France Booking Online process. Dear customers you can also book your favorite food or breakfast to get it in flight.

Company will provide you fresh all hygienic food during travelling. Dear customers, you can complaint or query anytime on Air France Customer Service Number for any service related problem. Customers are advised to check Air France flight schedule before coming on airport. Major airlines need to take heed of how smaller airlines work…. It seems you can take on anything as long as you can carry it…never mind size and weight!

Boarding the AF aircraft is also a complete joke….. It would save time and effort. So that was my experience…made even worse by the fact…when I received an email dated 6th March, asking me for comments on my flight. I tried, I promise, I tried…. Sorry Air France, you really need to do better — I was expecting better things from the French national airline. Air France and its partners managed to get my two in-hold bags from George South Africa to London, undamaged and on-time!!

The following problems are important and unacceptable:. Upon landing at CDG, my wife who booked a wheelchair and assistance was not met with a wheelchair or attendant. Proceeding through Customs and Security was smooth and efficient. Our problem was at the baggage claim carousel.

The problem was the handicap assistant abandoned us after 60 minutes; and departed with the wheelchair! No luggage; no wheelchair! I walked around until I could find a spare wheelchair which I commandeered.

We departed CDG with our host who had been patiently waiting. This is outrageous treatment by Air France after an otherwise smooth flight from Boston. I had added a small fee for us to sit at the front of the coach class section to make deplaning easier and smoother. There was no wheelchair or assistant! Good service from an airline consists of more than two servings of food and stylish uniforms! My wife was so appalled that she leaned on me and we wobbled off the aircraft.

Our stewardess reprimanded us and summoned her head stewardess, who more aggressively demanded we wait until the entire plane had emptied! Heard a very bad experience with your service after l was denied boarding due to an error of misread visa information which resulted in me being stuck in Bucharest. The ground team was very unhelpful and yet it was their fault after doing thorough investigation of my visa requirements.

I was shocked that such an airline with high reputation would give such poor service and fail to do proper visa checks for passengers. It seemed more of a money game not trying to ensure the passenger is assisted or mistake rectified. Effortless time trying to get the main hub in Paris to get involved and assist. Very pathetic service from a so called major airline. I have submitted an online form; ref Id — Is it possible for you to act on this and let us know the feedback.

When I submitted the form it said need 10 days to respond. Could you please check this and send me an email asap? I want to write and say thank you for the excellent customer service I received while trying to get my ticket issued in Paris.

I was on a flight to Africa and there was an issue with my ticket. I was helped by Miss Chrystel Dolmen and she stayed with me until my problem was resolved. Her kindness and understanding of the issue helped me make my flight. She even escorted us through screening so we did not miss our flight.

Because of the extra customer service care she provided, my fiance and I had a fabulous trip. I want to thank her and the other supervisors who assisted in helping us get on our flight and fixing our issue. I have now been waiting for my luggage more than a week and Air France must be the worst airline when it comes to customer service.

You have to do everything yourself and they have terrible routines for contacting partner airlines etc. Especially avoid CDG airport! We are really sorry to write about this but we have no other option. The incident took place on 6, January, I, my brother, and my mother as well as six other people had got lots of hardships and obstacles on our way to get on the board of AF My family together with two other families got this wonderful chance to travel to Paris due to Orange Armenia Company because we were the th subscribers who activated mobile numbers.

Our trip to Paris should have lasted for three days, from 6 to 9 January and all of us had thoroughly planned our every single minute while being in Paris. Having passed all the structures within the territory of Zvartnoc airport, i.

Imagine having your tickets with the seat numbers and not to be allowed to get on. The representatives of Air France in Armenia after keeping silence for twenty! Real nonsense, believe my word! We were told that there are ranges of privilege categories within economy class zone, that situations like this when person cannot get on the aircraft having his ticket are absolutely normal, that it happens a lot.

Is this the way your company is working? I believe the answer is no. In the end three of us — the first family — got on, and I must tell you the way it happened. One of your workers gave them a plastic bag with, as they told them, a tablecloth to take with them and give it to a person who would wait for them at Charle de Gaulle airport.

Actually, apart from the above mentioned table cloth there were golden ring and cigarette packs as it proved to be already in Paris. Air France will try to help your task easier by offering great flexibility. These include convenient timing, simplified changes, special requests, comfortability, and baggage assistance. Please try to communicate with the number They will be able to assist you. Air France Saphir contact number is , available 9am The Air France Saphir service for passengers with reduced mobility or a high body mass aims to help in the facilitation of their trip.

The Air France staff will aid in the organization of the trip before and after the flight and will strive to answer all queries as well as hear any suggestions that you may have. Some of the services they offer include easy reservation processes, airport assistance, baggage assistance, special equipment on board, and many others.

Depending on your disability motor-based, sensory impairment, mental, respiratory difficulties, etc. Air France UK lost baggage contact number is , available 7: Contact the baggage service in your arrival country within 4 days of a lost baggage incident.

Air France UK Customer Service Number, Toll Free Helpline

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Air France UK Department Contact Number Customer Service *Local rate* Group Bookings *13p/minute + your company access charge* Group Bookings Fax *13p/minute + your company access charge* Saphir *Local rate* Lost Baggage *Local rate* Flying Blue *Local .

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Air France customer services phone number. This is a directory service for help and support from Air France customer service. Contact Air France: Find below customer care details of Air France, including phone and address. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of Air France. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of Air France.

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Air France UK Customer Service Number, Contact Number Air France UK Customer Service Phone Number Helpline Toll Free Contact Number with Office Address Email Address and Website. Get all communications details reviews complaints and helpdesk phone numbers. Air France UK Customer Service Number, Toll Free Helpline Number - office address, phone number, contact number, customer support number is listed below.