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Short Speech on the Curse of Selfishness

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Thus, the incentive to help others without helping themselves is almost none existent. To illustrate, many working individuals strive to receive promotions and climb the corporate ladder. In order to achieve their own goals, they actively try to receive recognition for their work and impress the boss. In the process of achieving his goals, a person may help others if it doesn't hurt hum and he can receive some benefit in the future.

Nonetheless, people place high priority to reaching their own goals. As a result, people's actions are determined by personal goals that they set, not ones that others set. On the other hand, some people thank that the not all actions are dictated by selfish reasons. For example, philanthropists often donate a big percentage of their wealth to help others.

While the surface explanation of philanthropists' actions may seem selfless, people who help others often do so for a selfish reason. Oftentimes, people donate money to feel good about themselves or to receive praise from their peers.

Bill Gates, the famous humanitarian, once said that he chose to donate much of his vast fortune because he enjoyed the personal pleasures and recognition of helping others. Thus, even selfless actions may be driven by personal motives. In summary, arguments can be made for both sides but it is clear that people perform actions based on selfish reasons. Individuals must take care of themselves and actively improve their own well-being.

While some people may appear to be selfless, their actions are often dictated by personal desires. Hence, human nature dictates that actions are inspired by selfish reasons. Target Test Prep Study Plans. Free 1-week access to over 30 lesson videos and 30 practice questions. Veritas Prep Practice Exam. Magoosh — One Week Trial. Max Math Revolution Math Revolution. The rest of the camp sat in silent agreement. He apologized, handed over his meat to the tribe and then, essentially, was sent to bed without dinner.

As Johnson explains, selfishness is considered far from a virtue in such tribal groups, which still live in ways similar to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Indeed, every such group ever studied has been found to idealize altruism and punish selfishness, in everything from their mythologies to their mating practices.

Although Rand accepted that early human life was a collective effort, she failed to realize how this shaped our brains. In most societies, for example, a man like Cephu would be seen as the opposite of a good catch for a woman wanting a partner.

He would have been altruistic in battle too, particularly when warring with other groups. A selfish soldier, after all, is known as a coward, not a hero. Studies of month-old toddlers show that they will almost always try to help an adult who is visibly struggling with a task, without being asked to do so: Another study found that 3- to 5-year-olds tend to give a greater share of a reward stickers, in this case to a partner who has done more work on a task — again, without being asked — even if it means they get to keep less for themselves.

The Upside of Gossip: Social and Psychological Benefits. Worldwide, the aftermath of natural disasters are typically characterized by heroism and a sharing of resources — within the affected community and in others farther way — not selfish panics. The same occurred after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan in The cases in which people stampede or look out only for themselves tend to be rare and involve very specific circumstances that mitigate against helpfulness.

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The thoroughly selfish man aims at obtaining as much hap­piness as he can for himself and does not care whether other People are happy or miserable. In order to attain this object, he tries to appropriate as large a share as possible of the good things of this world. Whenever he has as opportunity of [ ].

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However, selfishness is a trait that all of us possess, but the amount of selfishness that we have can determine the type of person we are. For instance, parents .

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The world isplagued with poverty, disease, drugs, crime and ignorance. Yet, the mostdestructive is selfishness. People think, work and make decisions based only onwhat they live as if. Free Essay: Selfishness Most of us assume that selfishness is both wrong and unhealthy. But is this true? Selfishness means acting in one's rational.

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Free Essay: The selfish nature of humans Selfishness. A personality trait that only bad people have. Incorrect. Selfishness is part of the nature of every. Ayn Rand, Aristotle, and Selfishness Essay - Ayn Rand, Aristotle, and Selfishness Selfishness is an act that humans innately have implanted within them. Ayn Rand being a rational egoist had many moral beliefs, one being especially about selfishness. She believed that: “Self-interest, properly understood, is the standard of morality and.