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❶My Name Sandra Cisneros The narrator tells us about her name—what it means in Spanish and English, its history in her family and whether it suits her. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing that with us!

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Stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne also have obvious themes and the allegory of some like "Young Goodman Brown" also help with understanding the intended meaning of the work. Anthem, by Ayn Rand , is very short with a very obvious theme. Lamb to the Slaughter ; The Landlady. I need suggestions of good short stories to write essays about.

I want it to have themes that stand out easily the author gives enough clues. I also want it to be something that can be easily I also want it to be something that can be easily related to modern life and easy to understand. Expert Answers mrs-campbell Certified Educator. Related Questions I need suggestions for short stories and poems to analyze for my essay. They need to be clear so A step by step My topic is "Is the allocated Which fable story is she from?

It has to be related to Lori Steinbach Certified Educator. Jen Sambdman Certified Educator. A story you might not know: The Bet Saki H. The Interlopers Luigi Pirandello: The Father Ernest Hemingway: I really agree with your first statement. I feel like I have to envision a good end before I start. I believe there are lots of lumps of colorful clay out there but which one should I take into my hands today, work with, and mold into into pottery?

I wanna write something magical and imginative and these are all great ideas for the story of my characters, but i need like a concept still????? But i guess i cant get that from anyone else except me. How about a group of people divided into different faction based on the type of magic they can do.

Like different climates or components of nature And there is one girl or boy who stands out from the others like have to do more than just one like?? I love that idea!!! I write code for an animated story thing called episode. That means I have to get my stories into the open for critique.

I wish to join Becoming Writer. I have sent my e mail. Now I am on waiting list. I love your passion, Ohita. If you think you can finish your novel, do it. But if your stuck, try writing a short story on the same topic as your novel, or with the same characters. It might be a great way to get unstuck. Thanks for the help,even though I am 10 I want to write short story that everyone will love to read. I definitely know what you mean by having more ideas than you can write about.

For me, at least, I think it is a good idea to have all the ideas, for I am one of those people whom has trouble keeping my mind on one thing and jump around from one topic to the next.

Also, if I need help trying to find an angle that my story needs to go in, I daydream about what my characters may or may not do. Chris is a boy, who has a birthday the night of his senior prom.

If I am stuck as to what he does, then I daydream…1st scenario, he goes to the birthday party thrown by his parents, and has a good time…In the 2nd scenario, he goes to the prom, and gets to dance with the girl of his dreams….

The 3rd is where I try to combine the 1st two, so everyone is happy. Anyone that wants to can use that idea. The idea for the wounded character, is a great one and the one that really caught my eye.

I use my own for the traits of my characters. Also, I believe if the author injects humor into the equation and can get the reader laughing with them about what they think of those wounds, then just maybe, the story will help to heal the wounds of all. I need weekly practice. I had the goal this year of writing one short story a month and submitting it. I have written four, as of June. It takes me so long to figure out the outline. If the real thing I need is more practice, then I need to get working at it.

Every writer is different in their approach to a story. I find it easiest if I come up with the first and last line in a story in my head. Then I need to construct a road that leads from point A to point Z on paper and usually that road is a twisting, meandering stretch of blacktop on paper that I never saw coming, Chantal. Best of luck to you…. I also have a wattpad. It seems to be a very good way to get your work out there. This becomes a very handy place to put stories such as; short stories, novels, and fanfiction.

This not only helps you develop your writing especially if your best work currently is just fanfiction, but to get an understanding of what you can work on and grow with to become a better writer.

I have a wattpad too. I agree totally, its a really good way to get books out there and get people reading them. Thank you for the information, Joe. I plan on writing 10 short stories in the next two months and I am going to use 1 of your points for each story. I have the ideas in my head, but your article gave me a blueprint to follow. I have an idea of a story but should we make up muthical creatures or is would it be more likely people would enjoy it with creatures already made.

Even if it was just the name I was going to make up. I love writing novels and have started quite a few in the past few years. I have a couple of novels that are my own ideas, but otherwise I just can seem to make anything up. And I would love to send in chapters of my novels and my short stories if possible to.

It would be great to get some professional feedback! Or maybe even walking home from school. Throughout time the characters family lies in grief and anger waiting for their loved one to be found. That actually sounds really cool. I am thinking about writing a story about the mirror realms; Assia and Gehenna. What do u think? And what would be the outline of the story? I think maybe it would be better if you had the human world Assia be slightly different than our world and Gehenna be different than the Hell that is generally known; when you say demon world that sounds more interesting to me because- I dunno- the thought of a place full of demons is creepy.

My pen and computer literally fight me, anyone else with this problem?? I am 14 years old and in the 9th grade. I needed something fun to write about for a creative writing report. I found this website and fell in love! I have so much idea for stories. I begin to notice the similar in them. If you have great idea for start of story and end of story then you will have great story by connecting them up from begin of story toward the end. That is what i get so many good ideas.

I myself am a 12 year old girl and I love to write and I am writing a story about a heroic act and hope to someday get it published. I myself am 11 and I love to read and write. When it comes to suspense in a story I get triggered to keep on reading to find out what happens next! Lean on each other during this time of difficulty. Remember the good times you had with her. This will honor her.

Don't try to make sense of the why. God has a time and a reason for everything and most of all turn to God and pray. He is there for you. I just started writing. Well, not really, I have been writing my whole life but I just decided that this is going to be what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I am going to go through them one at a time and use it as more of a challenge. Write a story for each one, once a week. Tell the story of a scar, whether a physical or emotional one. We will see how it goes. Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas, they really helped me. I am trying to write a story on every idea.

I feel very much encouraged in this, honestly i am not a writer but through this kind of discuss i see myself writing such an interesting short story,, thank you. Genre writing is entertaining, literature transforms you in some unspeakable, eery way. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. I love this site. It is very helpful with trying to find a story idea. I hope there will be new ideas soon.

I will have to show this site to my writing club. I have some many ideas going threw my head. This is amazing know i have an idea for my paper. This helped me write my fictional story for a story writing competition. It turned out awesome! I think im gonna use the idea of the main character litterally bumping into their soulmate, but there will be a catch….. The guy died two years ago after he was shot in his heart. I need a short story idea that involves a little bit of love. Throughout the story, he is constantly made fun of or bad events happen, always in groups of 3.

Near the end, a private school principle goes past and notices how underappreciated the boy is, and notices that he is really intelligent.

Amazing ideas…really helped a lot.. I need help picking which one do you like better poor meets unexpected fortune or be careful what you wish for. I grab my overstuffed duffel bag from the boot and race toward the fence leading to the beach. The grey rocks are splattered a creamy-yellow with near-sprouting lichen.

Under them are the brightly colored, orange-brown weeds, with white sand sprayed across the water and rocks. You could see the water all the way to the bottom, as clear as light viridescent bottle-glass.

If you looked closely, you could see starfish and sea-urchins sleeping lazily on the wide pieces of flowery pink coral. I paused for a second to breathe in the sea breeze, the seaweed and the salty sting of the water in the air. I leaped into the ocean. The icy water froze the toes that had been warm just a second ago and the water swallowed my head as I dove down. I could taste the bittersweet, salty, cold water running down my throat and I came up for air, not wanting more water being accidentally swallowed.

I could hear the water smashing against the yellow-white sand, the joyful squeals of small children and adults as they watched their kids have fun, and the soft swishes of my feet in the water. Suddenly I started to shiver. It was too cold in the water. I hopped out and raced toward my mum, who was setting up the umbrella and towel. The hot ray of sun slammed onto my freezing body and my drenched hair slapped against my wet back while the hot sand squelched in between my soaked toes.

After eating a delicious lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches, I stood up. It was time to go exploring. I ventured into the forest that lay beyond the beach. I stopped suddenly and gasped. Lying on the smooth green grass was a rowboat, streaked with layers of dirt and made of aging wood. The paint swirled off the boat like carrot peelings.

I sailed out far on the ocean, bobbing on the sun-dotted water, my eyes locked on the skyline, where blue met blue. This actually gave me a good idea! The going on a journey and running into something or finding something out seems fun.

I want to put mystery, survival technique, and a type of tested human being from scientist in another world in my story. I hope my idea also helps other people too. These are all my favorite types of things I can put in a movie or book! My name is Erica and I am currently working on story idea.

I am going to use three ideas on this page on start. I want an opinion on the idea. Here go My main character family member brother and his friends runs into the path of a monster s [I was thinking about a gang or alone] and either witness a death or discover a dead body or both.

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Get an answer for 'I need suggestions of good short stories to write essays about. I want it to have themes that stand out easily (the author gives enough clues).I also want it to be something.

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[tags: short story analysis] Good Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. A Talking Dog: A Short Story - This is a story of Max, who went to sleep an ordinary boy and woke up with an unordinary ability. The ability to with his dog Comet. He first realized this when his dog came in . Creative Short Story Essay Examples. 58 total results. Creative Short Story about War. words. 1 page. The Kelana Star and the Count Spankulot in the Cartoon Kids Next Door on Cartoon Network. 7, words. 17 pages. Creative Short Story about Knights Rescuing a Princess. words. 2 pages.

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Top Short Story Ideas. Good writing is rewriting. Use your second draft to fill in the plot holes and cut out the extraneous scenes and characters you discovered when you read the first draft in step #2. But if you want to get published sooner, writing short stories can be a much faster road to publication. Traditionally, short. Sep 12,  · Home | Tamildiplomat › Forums › Diasporic Tamil World › Good Short Stories For Writing An Analysis Essay – This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by monmoforgangtu 1 week, 5 days ago. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) Author Posts August 30, at pm # monmoforgangtuParticipant [ ].