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Multiculturalism Essay

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❶Influence of culture on health care practices Current trends of an increasingly multicultural society emphasize the need for nursing education programs that effectively address cultural issues. Under the laws, racism, discrimination and prejudice are significantly decreased.

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Types of Multiculturalism

But in this particular sense Multiculturalism approximates to respect for diversity. Multiculturalism may also describe persons who posses more than one culture in them persons who grew up with a lot of cultural identity which is sometimes called Bicultural. Politically the term means; advocacy of increasing equitable status to different religious and ethnic groups, without promoting a specific religious, ethnic or cultural community values as central multiculturalism as " cultural mosaic " which is often contrasted with concepts such as social integration and assimilation which is often described as "salad" rather than a " melting point.

This two were cited as the quintessential source of Multiculturalism. The commission gave a final report and was published between and ; this became the first publication that talked about a multicultural story, thus the term multiculturalism was formed.

The term has been used to illustrate cultural diversity, which has mainly based on the distinctiveness and identity of ones native ethnicity and language; but this was not necessarily a biological function.

The initial understanding of the term Multiculturalism mainly means that it is the effort of protecting and preserving Aboriginal or minority cultures. A lot of Democratic states consider enabling there consider enabling there minority ethnic groups by granting them Autonomity and political self representation.

This made the term Multiculturalism gain a lot of popularity in the s, especially in nations like Australia which wanted to follow Canada's lead. This Trend soon became common in USSR, and during the constitution 16 autonomous ethnic republics were recognized. It is also through this process that the distance to another became relatively smaller. It was not long that there were inequalities in the world; which was between the rich north and the poor south , and soon the south grew bigger through globalization.

Migration is another main cause of Multiculturalism, especially labor Migration and forced migration. Whereby people from different cultures, had to move to other countries there by the different cultures mixed Multiculturalism and Will Kymlicka.

America has the most racially and a cultural population in the World and this diversity has only increased over the years due to immigration which is another great cause of Multiculturalism. As this people come to America they come along with their cultures and distinctive ways of life. In the past few years many people have immigrated to the U. Negative Effects There are many negative effects caused by Multiculturalism, and one serious, effect is racism and Xenophobia which are powerful tools that motivate people.

This can be seen by the examples of the Cold war and Nazi German Some negative effects of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has created a lot of cultural diversity in most cities in the World; London being one of the most cultural cities in the world has not been left behind.

But there are many negative effects of this Multicultural city. When you spend some time in London you will notice the language barrier that is present in many of its inhabitants. This is mainly caused by lack of confidence or the willing to learn, this is also because many of its residents don't bother to educate themselves to speak one common language spoken in the city The negative aspects of Multiculturalism. Benefits of Multiculturalism Multiculturalism has brought about many benefits to many countries across the world, in Canada there are many different races from African, Indian, Latin, Asian etc.

A lot of the countries success can be attributed to Multiculturalism; this is mainly due to Immigrants coming to Canada Samuda, Therefore Multiculturalism has brought about a lot of difference in Canada Multiculturalism in Canada: Multiculturalism also benefits a country a lot, when a country has a multicultural society like in the case of Australia; which has now been enriched with intellectual, artistic and other many other attributes of immigrant cultures.

If this and many other things are done without consulting or planning with the existing ethnic studies programs, this is bound to lead to the rise of a conflict in the Institution Thomas, J, et al. Multiculturalism in America In America Multiculturalism originated in the s, this was when there was the civil rites movement. This movement brought with it issues regarding Inequality, discrimination and oppression. People mainly put there demands on social and political institutions for their social recognition.

In the 19 th and 20 th centuries Charles H. B Duboi, George Washington Carver, All played an important role in promoting Multiculturalism and emphasized on the idea of "plural society" Multiculturalism in America. The future of Multiculturalism Multiculturalism in general has a bright future in the west; this is mainly because there are strong forces at work. Especially in modern western societies are going to ensure that there is a bright future for Multiculturalism.

These forces are going to ensure that there is public accommodation and recognition oof ethno cultural diversity. It is important that people are taught to be able to interact with people of different races, ethnicities, and cultures. Because of the growing diversity in the world, students are being taught inclusion at very young ages.

Many preschools have now incorporated teaching multiculturalism and diversity to the kids. This is very important because it sets them up to be ready to enter a new and different environment as they begin to enter the school system.

It teaches them how to successfully be able to socialize with all types of people, which will be necessary for the rest of their lives. The school system is the perfect example of a branch of society that contains an abundance of multiculturalism and diversity.

As one gets older, their environment is bound to become more and more diverse. In grades K through 12, there is definitely going to be a variety of cultures. But, it is nothing like college. A college campus is the most diverse part of the school system. On campus, there are a plethora of organizations and clubs that promote inclusion and diversity.

There are also organizations that are specifically created to provide assistance to the different races and ethnicities that exist on campus. There is a club for almost every religion, even for the people that are not affiliated with any religion. Everyone has a place, and everyone is encouraged to explore things that are not what they are used to. At the end of the day, it is important that we know, and become familiar with the different types of people in our environment.

Teaching little kids the importance of diversity is an excellent start to providing them with the proper life skills that will follow them everywhere. But it should not just stop at preschool, students need continue to be taught how to interact with all the different types of people in society. Student are not the only people that need a lesson in the inclusion of different cultures.

Evolution of the Concept of Multiculturalism

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The Multivisions of Multiculturalism Essay Words | 14 Pages The Multivisions of Multiculturalism ABSTRACT: The questions suggested by the term "multiculturalism" range far and wide, embracing: questions of inclusion; questions of criteria; questions of self-identity; and questions of the meaning of multiculturalism.

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Multiculturalism is a controversial issue in America. Some people think that multiculturalism is negative, whereas some others think that multiculturalism is positive. In my opinion, I agree with the second view, that multiculturalism is positive. Multiculturalism is diversity of two or more culture in some region or country.

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- The Multivisions of Multiculturalism ABSTRACT: The questions suggested by the term "multiculturalism" range far and wide, embracing: questions of inclusion; questions of criteria; questions of self-identity; and questions of the meaning of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is the diversity of cultures that exist in society. There are many places in our society that exemplify the concept of multiculturalism and diversity and the melting pot. It is important that people are taught to be able to interact with people of different races, ethnicities, and cultures.

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Essay about Multiculturalism and the reality of Globalization in USA. This country has a lot of cultural diversity and it is extremely important to study deeper how the different cultures and societies can be integrated in a single country.5/5(6). Among the most popular issues connected to the multiculturalism, one can find multiculturalism in America essay, its role in education, multicultural society, culture and politics, the advantages of multicultural society, etc.