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Essay on Surrealism Essay

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Surrealism Essay

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There were many eras in art history, some much more conservative than others, but none as controversial and bold as the Surrealism era. Although many people do not understand surrealism, one should always respect it because it is still an inescapable part of art history, and it gave a real kick to the otherwise contemporary world of art. This era in particular left a great mark behind, that is still seen in the art world today.

Surrealism broke tradition and opened minds to a whole new world of possibilities. This era began as a repercussion of the First World War so that people could escape the harshness of reality. It started during a really melancholy time in history but it was made with a positive purpose.

The founders of Surrealism included many out of the box authors and soon after that, included many artists as well.

Although the surrealism movement did not last for hundreds of years, it did leave a strong imprint in history, and any time something has left a mark, controversy follows close. Without learning the history of Surrealism and how it really came to be, one cannot expect to understand the impacts and study the artists of the era.

First and foremost, Surrealism did not start out as an artistic movement; it was initially created as a literary movement by a poet named Andre Breton in after the publication of the Manifesto of Surrealism.

Since this portion in history was a really bleak time, as the war had just ended and so many people were realizing the true magnitude of what had happened, Surrealism was used as a kind of escape from the harshness of reality; in other words, it was used to escape the truth. Surrealism was heavily influenced by the works and theories of Sigmund Freud because he was a psychologist with many ideas on how the mind works and the mysteries behind it.

Andre Breton, although he was apprehensive, did put visual artists like Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp on a very high pedestal because of their unorthodox, erotic style of work. These visual artists were the people who really started a new movement in the art world moving further away from the socially acceptable and into the unconscious mind. Artists like Salvador Dali became prominent figures in the Surrealist world because they practiced a different form of Surrealism which was called Illusionistic Surrealism.

Although Dali is a well-known figure now, there were many others similar to him and there were many before him.

In fact, in Renee Magritte moved to Paris and became one of the most important artists in the visual surrealist movement. He was the artist who really started illusionistic Surrealism, putting sexually explicit material in dream like surroundings.

Two years after Renee moved to Paris, Dali did as well, and this is where he made his first surrealist paintings. There were Surrealist artists in Germany, America and Europe. Some noteworthy pieces from the first surrealist artists include, Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale by Marx Ernst, hich depicts oddly placed human figures and a very uncomfortable scene that almost feel disconnected with the title. Another great surrealist piece would be The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali which is a very well-known piece that is almost like an odd spin off of contemporary art, depicting melting clocks in a desert land.

Without any one of these people, a piece of art history would have been missing since each one adds their own imagination and feeling to their art. Although Surrealism had amazing artists and a rich history, as time moved forward, controversy had caught up with the surrealist movement.

As said, Surrealism was driven by strong sexual imagery and explicit content of all kinds, so people were bound to disagree. In The Temptation of St. Anthony appears as a emaciated figure, weighed down yet strong, holding off a nightmare parade of extraordinary creatures stalking across an endless plain on massive legs Charles, As Dali continually displays creative handling of religious subjects throughout his works, he addresses a subject that was particularly popular throughout this time period: The story of this particular painting concerns efforts by the holy man, St.

Anthony, to fight against temptations of the flesh that plagued him in his thoughts and dreams Suleiman, In the illustration is St. Anthony to the bottom left holding a cross towards the creatures on the right while he is weighed down by a rock.

The creatures consist of a in the background of the horse carry objects that represent the temptations that St. Anthony faces in his subconscious. The creatures all have fragile looking scrawny legs that are elongated in an exaggerated manner making them seem as if they are levitating.

We can see many similarities between the art produced during the surrealist movement and that of contemporary graphic design by comparing the discussed illustrations with figure 3.

It was created in by Leo Burnett an advertisement company StillAd, Besides the change of animals this advert is almost a replica of the original Temptation of St. The legs of the animals look very similar to that which Dali depicted and the clouds are a exact copy of his work.

The only differences are instead of the majestic horse and elephants there are a camel, pig, and a scrawny old man. Saint Anthony has been replaced with a blind man holding scales and instead of the advert depicting the demons of the mind, as Dali did, it depicts the trials and tribulations people face due to scams and empty promises of money advisers, the blind man with the scale depicting that he cannot properly and accurately judge what is fair so people are ripped off in that sense.

It is without a doubt that Leo Burnett had been greatly influenced and drew their inspiration from the bizarre surreal world of art. Through the investigation and analysis of the illustrative examples it is safe to conclude that surrealism has greatly influenced and benefited contemporary graphic design whether visually or conceptually.

This influence can be seen by the stylistic characteristics in AE Investimentos, strange that traces back to work of the surrealist movement. Characteristics such as the juxtaposing of the surrealist movement ad to the horror and shock in AE Investimentos advert and surely have greatly inspired and benefited other contemporary graphic artist.

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The history of art cannot be told without stepping on a few toes. There were many eras in art history, some much more conservative than others, but none as controversial and bold as the Surrealism era. If you need to write an essay on surrealism or its difference with realism, you might need to read this essay first. It will help you build up your own thoughts and put them out on paper.