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Net Present Value

❶In other words, the discount rate which equates the present value of project with zero, is known as IRR.

Net Present Value Assignment Help

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What Is Net Present Value (NPV)?
5.3.4 Net Present Value

This is known as time value of money. The question is how do we compare the present value of money with that in future? This is where net present value comes in. Net present value is the present value of the cash flows at the required rate of return of your project compared to your initial investment.

If the net present value is zero, this means that the original investment plus the required rate of return is repaid. Why is NPV Used? NPV method is far better than the payback method. However, the payback method is easy to calculate and simple to understand, it has a major drawback that it does not take into account the fact that the purchasing power of money keeps on decreasing each time.

This is why NPV is considered better than the payback method. NPV is used by companies to decide whether to make huge purchases or not, such as machinery or equipment. It is also used by companies in case of mergers and acquisitions , which is known as discounted cash flow.

The decision to accept or reject the project depends on the strategies and policies of the firm as there is no profit and no loss. This represents the sum of the cash flow at their present values for each year related with the investment. So the equation will look like: If the investment made by you is going to give you a return for five years, you will have to calculate the values for those five years and they sum them up.

This will be the present value of your estimated returns. You can calculate NPV by subtracting your investment value from that number. We have already discussed above the different conditions and the expected results. If the NPV comes out to be negative, the investment will reduce the value of the firm and the company will reject the proposal. The larger the value of the NPV positive , the greater will be the benefit to the company. Discount rate refers to the interest rate that is used to determine the present value of the future cash flows.

The discount rate also takes into account the time value of money. The risk factor is also taken care of and the higher the uncertainty in the cash flows, the higher the discount rate. To calculate the present value, it is necessary to be discounted by at a rate. The management of a company has to decide whether introducing a new line of product will be profitable to it or not. All the transactions are recording in one entry at the last day of each year. The product ceases to provide anymore cash inflows after 12 years.

This means that the investment will not be profitable to the company and should be rejected by the company. This means that the project or investment will be profitable for the company. Similarly if the Net Present value is negative, it means that the ventures will likely fall flat and thus must be avoided. A company undertakes an investment only and only when the Net Present value is a positive figure. We can deliver you with a completed assignment on Net Present value which you can submit on time to earn high grades.

This not only saves your time and energy, but with the Net Present value assignment help you can also get your doubts clarified and queries answered. Judging the credibility of investments depending upon the net present value can be faulty at times.

NPV is largely based on estimations and assumptions including discount rates and investment costs. But certain unforeseen expenses can always crop up during or at the end of the project and the NPV assumptions can go wrong.

To know more about the drawbacks of NPV, create an assignment on the same or on some alternative method that helps in gauging a certain investment, opt for our Net Present value homework help by reaching our site.

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