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Help Accident Victims Essay


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essay help accident victims

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These interested images have as a crisis also impacted the dominant and most completely; the vaccine benefits. The progressive hand of legalizing the current properties emerged. While bullying was more common in Italy than in Singapore, Italians, especially girls, were also more likely to defend the victims and engage in active intervention. In other words, the rugged individualists were more likely to buck prevailing social norms and help someone in need.

So how does all this help to explain the new bystanders — those who do nothing to stop online bullying or brutal college campus rapes? On 11 August , a year-old girl was sexually assaulted in Steubenville, a small town in Ohio, by two local football players — over the course of many hours and at several different locations. Throughout the evening, one perpetrator sent text messages describing the crime, along with nude pictures of the victim to friends. Onlookers at the scene took videos and shared them, too.

All of which means that numerous partygoers and others were aware of the incident and failed to report it or assist the victim. The events of that night baffled most of the US public, but when viewed in a different framework, the inaction of recent bystanders to sexual assault and bullying makes sense.

But in some collectivist cultures, social norms may pressure members to look the other way, especially when it comes to sexual assault. The Steubenville tragedy demonstrates how flawed that assumption is. And the advent of social media has only magnified the bystander effect, creating more bystanders and offering those same bystanders a protective cloak of invisibility, sometimes anonymity. On the night of the Steubenville assault, someone posted a photo on Instagram of the victim, unconscious, being carried by her wrists and ankles by the perpetrators.

Yet another witness reportedly took a cell phone-video of the unconscious girl being sexually assaulted, although he claimed to have deleted it the next day. The Steubenville perpetrators, for example, relied heavily on text messages in their effort to cover up the assault. Trent Mays, one of the perpetrators, sent a message to one friend, saying: T his type of cyberbullying, in which bullying either occurs exclusively online or accompanies in-person attacks, has also increased and has, in a few instances, resulted in tragic suicides.

On 14 January , after a particularly difficult day of bullying, Prince went home and hanged herself. The internet has dramatically increased the number of potential bystanders to bullying and sexual assaults, which only serves to exacerbate the diffusion of responsibility — the more bystanders, the less likely that any one person will take action.

Instead of a few witnesses in a school hallway or at a drunken party, anyone with a cell phone or Facebook account can now receive pictures of a sexual assault in progress, or witness cyberbullying on a Facebook page. The crux of the theory is simple: S o how can you avoid being the kind of passive bystander who watches an inebriated young woman led upstairs at a party, or a little girl injured on a busy road?

In recent years, researchers have finally begun to tap years of studies to answer the question of how to reverse the bystander effect and spur onlookers into action. Bystander intervention training has become the next frontier in bullying and violence prevention — and a major focus of funding from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in recent years.

Given the important role of culture, many programmes focus on changing social norms by creating a different kind of peer pressure, so bystanders do the right thing. Katz, an educator long involved in the fight against sexual violence, says: Rather it is, how do we get into these systems? How do we hold the leadership accountable?

Meanwhile, the California psychologist Alan Berkowitz uses a programme he calls the Social Norms Approach, originally developed to discourage excessive alcohol consumption on college campuses. The strategy there is to place perceived social norms under the microscope, exposing the dynamic of the bystander effect as it unfolds. Finally, let the dispatcher know if there are any traffic blockages that may hinder emergency services.

Be sure to stay on the line with the operator for as long as possible. This is true even if you have to momentarily put down the phone to secure the scene or help the victim. Using flagmen, which are bystanders who warn traffic, or flares can alert oncoming traffic to slow down. In turn, this may alert other drivers that they need to stop and assist with the scene and any victims. Set the flares a few hundred feet on either side of the accident. Only ignite flashers if there is no fuel leaking anywhere.

Tell other bystanders to alert oncoming traffic to slow down and avoid the accident scene. You may want to provide flagmen with reflective vests if available. Vests are a part of most car safety kits. Check to see if you see fuel flowing, fire, smoke, or exposed wires. If this is the case, you may be better not providing aid and simply calling emergency services. This can further protect any victims and you. Ask the victim about assistance. If the accident victim is conscious, ask if the person wants assistance.

This is an important step because not every accident victim may want help, even if it appears the person needs it. If the person says no, do not approach or provide aid to the person for any reason. Wait for professional help to arrive and let these people take over from there.

Make the best assessment you can if the person rejects help and then loses consciousness. In these cases, Good Samaritan laws will protect you. Good Samaritan laws protect volunteers who provide aid or assistance in emergencies from legal liability for injuries or damages. Check to see if a victim is conscious by lightly shaking the person. Avoid moving the victim. Remember that many injuries are not visible on the skin. Unless the victim is in imminent danger from fire or something else, leave the person in place until emergency services arrive.

Not doing so can send someone into a panic and may cause further injury. If not, you may need to give CPR to restart the circulatory and respiratory systems. If so, then the victim is breathing. If you do not know how to do CPR, do not attempt it. Instead, ask other bystanders if they are able or wait until emergency services arrives.

Many advocates suggest providing first aid only if the victim has life threatening injuries. Talking to a victim can go far in calming the person. Stop any bleeding by applying direct pressure to the injury with bandages or clothing. Elevate the area bleeding to chest height if possible.

If the victim is conscious, ask the person to apply pressure to help calm any shock. Shock can be life-threatening if not treated, so if you notice the most common symptom of shock—pale skin—then treat the person for it.

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