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Original Crown Mill Paper

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❶A good-sized office-supply store is another option. Same day dispatch on orders placed before 12PM.

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Make a statement with our signature handcrafted stationery, writing paper and envelopes.
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It began back in when Hapsburg Emperor Maximiliam I granted the monks of La Hulpe in Belgium permission to use the riverbank of the Argentine to construct a water mill. Incessant innovation lead to the creation of silk-lined envelopes dressed in intricately decorated boxes and sealed with the company watermark. The successors to the founder have earned the privilege of supplying the Belgian Royal Family and some of the most illustrious families in Europe.

They are created with the greatest care, and have been since Using lightly striated laid papers, this range is suitable for all traditional correspondence. This is considered the gold standard when it comes to the world of traditional paper.

The smooth quality paper has a smoother, more natural matte surface with a uniform color and durable weight. Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton paper has a natural, soft, felt finish that will bring an air of uncommon excellence to all your correspondence. The history of Crown Mill Paper has its roots in the modernist spirit of the Renaissance. It all began in when Emperor Maximilian allowed the monks of La Hulpe Monastery to build a mill on the banks of a tiny river known as the Argentine, Belgium.

Just over two centuries later, on the orders of King Charles II, the very same water mill was considered the Royal Mill for the production of writing paper. From this, his successors were able to earn the privilege of supplying the Belgian Royal Family and some of the most illustrious families in Europe with their high-quality paper and envelopes.

This exceptional tradition continues today, and Pelletier is proud to be able to carry forward the craftsmanship and quality that made Original Crown Mill who they are: The most distinguished writing paper in the world.

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Investors relations, costco wholesale. What paper should I use? Unfortunately, I simply cannot answer it for anyone but myself. I can make suggestions, based on whether you use a broad or fine nib, like wet or dry writers, are light- or heavy- or right- or left-handed, are a night- or morning-person, and whether your mother fed you lentil soup or graced you with grilled burgers.

OK, I'm kidding about the lentils. But the fact remains that neither I nor anyone else can tell you that any one paper is the paper you should use. Now, let me assure you that paper choice isn't rocket science. You'll know a good paper when you find it the same way you know a certain shoe fits well or a particular sweater will be a favorite: It just feels right.

No intellectual effort, learning curve, or complex set of criteria; you'll just know. First, decide on your price range. Ultra-expensive, ultra-luxurious handmade papers and hang the cost? Mid-range papers, with good quality and value for the dollar? Cheap papers that feel like either of the above? The single piece of advice I most often hand out to pen people in search of the paper equivalent of the Holy Grail is this: Do not use cheap paper.

Especially, do not use cheap recycled paper. Unless you're using a ballpoint or rollerball; then it doesn't matter, except for your own tactile pleasure. Some folks disagree with me, but I suspect they've never used a really good paper. Would you purchase a Ferrari, then take it at top speed up a mountain-bike trail on a rocky cliffside? It's the same with a good pen: Better to spend a little extra and get something you'll be happy with and more to the point, that your pen will be happy with.

That's a dollar a week—less than the cost of one measly latte. Next, decide on color. This can determine the lines of paper you'll consider; while paper comes in a rainbow of colors, writing-quality paper favored by those who take their writing seriously comes in a much, much smaller range.

Usually, it's white and white, or maybe white, off-white, and ecru, if the company's really adventurous. Vibrant-colored papers are generally not manufactured with writing certainly not writing with fountain pens in mind.

I'm not going to recommend brands, because invariably people rush out and buy Brand A, then find out they don't like it. But I will give you qualities to consider. And you'll notice I'm concentrating on what you need to know to select a good paper for yourself, not telling you to go order my paper although I do offer a sample packet. That's because I want you to physically feel, fold, write on, and examine papers. Unless you're an experienced fountain-pen user, you'll probably want to start off with smooth papers.

These are the most forgiving and the easiest to use think of the difference in feel between silk undies and burlap, for instance. Now, find a printer nearby. Most of us live in areas where there's at least a quick-print company; even if you live in a wilderness area, your local newspaper office will usually carry a line of higher-end papers generally intended for wedding invitations, but ask--the worst they can tell you is no, and they're likely to be quite helpful.

A good-sized office-supply store is another option. Find a place that believes in customer service and will allow you to test papers before plunking down your hard-earned cash.

At the printer's, tell them what you want:

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Your letters will always be well received when written on PAPYRUS stationery paper. We are proud to offer quality paper products that will awaken your creativity. With our exclusive inventory, PAPYRUS is a destination for fine letter writing stationery and other paper goods.

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Fine-Tip Gel Pens; White Gel Pens; Glitter and Metallic Gel Pens; web-like mess. Low quality paper is more prone to feathering while higher quality paper is specifically designed to resist the spreading of ink along its fibers. We recommend a half-coated paper for a smooth writing experience and reasonable dry time. Price. You don't. A soft colour palette in combination with the quality of Original Crown Mill paper makes this ideal gift for any writing enthusiast. Nearly two centuries after the events of the monks, Frédéric Pelletier opened a factory for fine writing paper and envelopes in Brussels, and placed an order with the mill.

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