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Ozone Depletion

Essay title: Ozone Depletion

❶Even if the ozone layer suddenly vanished there would still be 20 to 25 miles of oxygen rich atmosphere which would become available for ozone creation. The ozone layer is what saves the Earth and the living organisms from the harmful radiations of the sun.

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The ozone destroying processes in that region influence the ozone, region of the whole southern hemisphere. Since the early seventies, when CFCs came into market, a large quantity has been injected into the atmosphere. CFCs released up to amount to 15 million tones. The developed countries account for 1. Global consumption of CFCs estimated in accounts to 1.

CFCs released up to , amounted to 15 million tones. Since the life of these molecules is around years, even with the adoption of protocols put forward at Montreal and London which were further refined at Copenhagen to make them acceptable to all countries, the ozone layer is not likely to make a significant recovery until the middle of next century. For the ozone layer to return to its natural state, the chlorine loading which is presently 3 ppbv has to be brought down to a level below 2 ppbv.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Essay on Population Growth. Essay on Natural Disaster Management. Harankhedkar Many other countries have signed treaties and written laws restricting the use of CFCs. Companies are finding substitutes for CFCs, and people in general are becoming more awareness of the dangers of ozone layer depletion.

At last, The Montreal Protocol has resulted in stopping additional ozone loss and investigated by experts ver 4 years survey on ozone depletion Earth Day was first observed on 22 April An estimated 20 million people nationwide attended this festivity which came the largest grassroots environmental Besides that, not only the government but also the residents have a role to play and avoid ozone depletion. We should always unplug or switch off the electronic instruments when they are not in use.

We also are encouraged to walk and avoid using vehicles if we can. Simple measures like using public transportation instead of our own private vehicle will help a big deal. We can plant trees from now as they produce oxygen and absorb the UV rays greatly. We are suggested to use the renewable sources, for examples, wind, solar energy, and so on. Brack reminds the United Nations officers that they have a role to play to produce and ensure that the new equipment purchased is ODS-free.

Conclusion As you see, most ozone depletion resulted from the human activities. Hence, we should always remind ourselves and raise awareness on the ozone depletion. Making small changes in our habit can make a difference in our future.

Recommendations Government should always take action. Citizens should always support the government and do their own respond of how to protect our ozone layer. Companies should not use the ODS and turn to product that is ozone-friendly as many as possible. Home Essays Ozone Layer Depletion. Ozone Layer Depletion 1 January Ozone in the lower atmosphere contributes to global warming and climate change. The depletion of ozone layer has trickle down effects in the form of global warming, which in turn leads to melting of polar ice, which will lead to rising sea levels and climatic changes around the world.

Ozone layer depletion is not something that affects any specific country or region. The whole world is vulnerable to its after effects. That makes it important for each and every one of us to take actions to reduce ozone layer depletion. International agreements such as Montreal protocol in have helped in reducing and controlling industrial emission of Chlofluorocarbons.

More and more of such international agreements between countries is necessary to bring down ozone layer depletion. At individual level each and everyone also can contribute towards reducing ozone layer depletion. Buying and using recycled products, saving of energy, using of public transport can do a lot in combating ozone layer depletion. The most important thing that we can do is spreading awareness. The ozone layer is what saves the Earth and the living organisms from the harmful radiations of the sun.

It is necessary to understand its importance and work to control the depletion of this layer. This helped me in doing the homework, ill check regularly for researches for science and these kinds of stuff Best site ever for science! It is very good knowledge about ozone layer in simple words. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. What is the Ozone Layer?

Comments Thank you,this is very educative. This insight is a clarion to maintain decorum in industry activities. Thank you so much.

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Here is your essay on ozone layer depletion! Ozone (O 3) is a triatomic form of oxygen. It is found largely in the stratosphere that extends from about 6 km at the poles and 17 km at the equator to about 50 km above the earth’s surface.

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Essay on OZONE DEPLETION BY HUMAN’S ACTIONS Words | 7 Pages. OZONE DEPLETION BY HUMAN’S ACTIONS The ozone layer is a very important component in the atmosphere. Ozone is not the same as the oxygen humans breathe. There is very little of this gas in the atmosphere. First off, let’s begin with a definition of the ozone layer.

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The process continues and the result is the reduction or depletion of ozone in the stratosphere. Effect of Ozone Depletion. Therefore, these factors bring a lot of problem on our daily life. For examples, LensMan (unknown) stresses that the ozone depletion will lead an increase in the percentage of skin cancer and cataracts. Ozone Hole or Ozone Layer Depletion. The latest satellite measurement indicates an ozone loss at the rate of 8% just above the South Pole, at the centre of the ozone hole, 5% of the protective gas is depleting each day.

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The depletion of the ozone is caused by many factors, but the one cause that will be elaborated on in the next paragraph is the main reason our ozone is continuously being polluted. The major cause in the depletion of the Ear. Ozone Depletion – Essay Example Ozone layer is a thin layer that is located within the stratosphere and contains high concentration of ozone. It protects our planet from .