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Apology Letter to Girlfriend

When Saying you’re Sorry could Lead to a Stronger Relationship

❶I am so darn sorry for being a ….


How do I write an apology letter after being given a show cause letter by my supervisor? Answer this question Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Quick Summary To write an apology letter, start by explaining right away that you're writing to apologize so the recipient isn't confused.

Did this summary help you? Tips Simply say what you mean and mean what you say. If you make a promise, stick to it. You may have to bury your pride when you apologize.

Pride gets you nothing; good relations can often become priceless. Make sure that your letter is not too short. Just two or three sentences will not do the trick here. Show the person that you put time and effort into this letter. If you have difficulty with wording your letter, ask a friend or family member for assistance. They will know what is expected of you, and be more than happy to help.

Make sure the letter is short and sweet; get to the point and take full responsibility. Try to state that it was your fault, do not attempt to blame it on someone else. This shows responsibility and maturity. Try to explain why you did what you did. It might make the person feel better if they know you weren't being malicious. Warnings Don't add anything that makes the person feel bad. They will not take the letter to heart, and probably won't forgive you.

Remember that sorry doesn't magically fix everything. If the other person decides not to forgive you, move on and know that you tried. Time 60 Score 0. Want to try again? Want to play a fun game and learn about wikiHow? Apology Letters In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,, times. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. I like the steps used in this article, but I would have appreciated the ability to have a printable version, which excluded the written samples he'll just copy what's in it, and not use his own words.

LM Lechelle Massaquoi Jun 17, I truly haven't done anything wrong, social anxiety messes me up. This article helped me write something that seems sincere. LA Leslie Ackel Jul 31, And how to be complete in finding a solution to rectifying my shortcomings. JD Jessica Dean Jan 13, I have a friend, and she wanted to know the secrets of a club I'm in,and I said no because she is not in the club.

I wrote a letter, and she is happy now! You are the best in the world! LF Lily Fowler Oct 21, This article has helped so much! I am rubbish at writing letters and I have put together quite a piece thanks to this article! I have finally got everything of my chest! PK Patrick Keche Aug 14, It contains detailed information, which is so helpful. I look forward to reading some more useful articles like this from you. NN Nurun Nafiesah Jul 20, My form teacher was furious at us and made us write an apology letter.

ZW Ziqi Wang Jun 8, Highly recommended it for people struggling to write an apology. AB Arnav Bhanwala Aug 31, I almost got a detention at school. I wrote an apology letter using this article, and my teacher let it slide. OT Odion Tobi Jul 15, It has the exact details and guides anyone will need to write a perfect apology letter. A Anonymous May 22, Without this article, I would probably suffer twice.

A Anonymous Jun 6, JW Jon Wischussen May 31, IS Isobel Slate Jun 30, A Annonymous Jun 2, I recently had a fight with one of my friends and I felt so terrible. This helped me feel better. BB Bella Banjurie Jul 6, SN Susan Newman Jun 21, RJ Robert Jones Jun 2, I was heading in the wrong direction with my apology letter. Stephanie Torres Jul 4, PB Parneet Brar Jun 6, AP Amelia Peczkowicz Apr 26, Thanks again for the help!

AN Akeim Norman Jun 7, NF Nate Flanagin Jul 3, I loved the results. SC Sayak Chowdhury Aug 20, It gave me a good idea in writing an apology letter. AM Abi Marves Jul 14, GD Gavin Dodrill Oct 23, EP Eshwaree Prakash Mar 21, DS Dorothy Scott Sep 21, TO Takashi Oshiro Jul 18, These letters are like conversations and can be just about anything.

They could be thank-you letters to thank your friends, congratulation letters to congratulate them, apology letters to say sorry, condolence letters to comfort the bereaved, etc. You could also write to your friends to share general information such as school and family news, what has been happening in your town, or just tell funny stories. The recipient can keep the letters for years and read them over and over again. Letters to friends are personal and are usually addressed to specific individuals.

Since the recipient is a person with whom you have a close relationship, the salutation is more personal and less formal. Greet the recipient warmly and proceed to stating the reason for your letter. Share some information about yourself. Maintain a polite and friendly tone. You can also add a postscript for something you forgot to say. A good letter of apology to a best friend.

Further things to consider when writing apology letters to friends. These articles may interest you. Similar Letters Personal apology for a wrong press statement sample letter Sample letter apologizing for sending late payment 1 Sample letter apologizing for sending late payment 2 Sample apology letter for rude remarks in an interview Personal apology letter sample for being rude at a party Apology for misconduct.

I want to apologize for …. My ex and I took …. Dearest Chloe, I don't know how to contact you because you won't speak to me in person, the people around you hate me for my actions and ultimately …. Dear Danielle, I am Sorry. You were there for me when no one else was. You were my soul mate when we were growing up. You were my everything. I used to look forward to seeing …. Your whole attitude is innocent and contagious.

But for several years, I have …. Over the last year or so, I have come to realize just how much I have hurt the people I love the most by shutting everyone out of my life.

You probably don't want to speak to me I understand. I just want to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being such a terrible friend and leaving …. One last thing, I'm sorry. Never in another lifetime could I have imagined how drastically my life would change in such a minuscule amount of time. For once in my life, I can say …. I suppose I'm sorry is where to start. I am so sorry. I should have just been there for you like I always would have.

I'm sorry for not being myself. It's funny how the two of us get along so well and have swapped so many traditional roles. I'm sorry to say that "regularly" being a total jerk and getting …. I can't apologise enough for what I'm going to do. You must understand that I'm just not ready for the responsibility …. I know you probably hate me right now and I don't blame you. I still have not forgiven myself and I don't ….

But before I go …. I just want to say I'm sincerely sorry for putting you through my overdose. I know I made …. You are such a good, gentle, …. It was not your fault. I've thought long and hard about what you told me last night. I thought long and hard about it this morning. I'm thinking long and hard about …. Kong, It was 7 months since I last met you.

We didn't talk at all that night when I was about to leave. I couldn't sleep because the cab was ….

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Apology Letters to Friends & Family. Get inspired by these apology letters to parents, grandparents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends or post an online apology letter for your friend or family member.

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Download this apology letter template — free! Formatted and ready to use with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor that can open file format.

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This wasn’t easy for me to write, and I hope this letter helps show you just how I feel, how much you mean to me and how sorry I am. Comments for My Apology Letter to a Very Special Friend. Click here to add your own comments. my apology letter to a special friend by: fatma farsy. How to write an apology letter to your best friend will depend on a lot of things. For example, how wrong was the thing you did? If someone raped, beat up, or stole from their friend (for example), I wouldn’t advise that they write a letter of apology.

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Apology Letter to a Friend Sometimes it takes years to build a strong friendship, but a small argument is enough to put a strain on it. If you have done something that has hurt your friend, writing a letter to him/her is the best way of apologizing. A good letter of apology to a best friend. Sample letter. Apology letters to friends. Guide, letter example, grammar checker, + letter samples.