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12 Angry Men Essay

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❶Within the characters there are overt moral and ethical issues raised.

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12 Angry Men Essay Example

Each of the men stood up and accused the main character in his actions, bringing some arguments, personal statement of facts showing hostility to the accused. The plot of the film — at the beginning of the meeting all agreed that the protagonist is the one to guilty, and only one of the twelve has doubts about it. When counting the votes, it was revealed that the count is But at the end of their meeting, we see that opinions have changed dramatically, and the defendant is innocent.

And as awareness of their responsibility, to the extent of dispersion of evidence seemed irrefutable at the beginning of the meeting, the jury came to the right decision, moving away their personal interests on the back burner.

And that it removes a stone from the soul, not only Davis. The film is a concise, logical and transmitting all the nuances of the characters of the heroes. Miraculously scene silence after another replica of one of the 12 jurors. Each pose expresses something. Even a thunderstorm and rain are important for the main idea and appeared at the right time of the film.

This film has its own atmosphere. The action takes place in a single room, but it is enough for the film to be intense from start to finish. The defendant almost was not shown, so it is impossible to have some own point of view on the situation, and we find ourselves in the role of the viewer, in the position when we are watching the movie not defending our own position from the first minutes of narration.

The other jurors are content to believe that their reasoning is solid, as they have used examples of deductive reasoning to reach their conclusion. Chaffee tells about deductive reasoning.

The deductive argument is the one most commonly associated with the study of logic. Though it has a variety of valid forms, they all share one characteristic: If you accept the supporting reasons also called premises as true, then you must necessarily accept the conclusion as true. Or what does this show? He analyses the content, by breaking down the component parts and analysing each point through examination of what has been presented. He then synthesises the content by pulling together what he had summarized, and analysed and discusses it with the input of the other jurors.

Finally he reaches an evaluation, and presents this to his peers on the jury as a reasonable version of events. This process as described in Troyka, Hesse of Sumarise, analyse, synthesise and evaluate, marks juror 8 out from the rest of the jury as the most effective critical thinker as he engages in this process throughout the movie.

The antithesis to Juror 8 may be Juror 3 as portrayed by Lee J. We get the impression that he has made his mind up and has settled on a verdict of guilty to satisfy some personal feelings.

He is shown to be morally conflicted. The question of morals and ethics also run a current theme through the movie. Within the characters there are overt moral and ethical issues raised. The subject of the movie is essentially a moral or ethical question, it asks us the audience, what would you do? Asking us to invoke our values and assumptions, and find the truth amongst the evidence presented.

In the classic 12 Angry Men, group dynamics are portrayed through a jury deliberation. Group dynamics is concerned with the structure and functioning of groups as well as the different types of roles each character plays. In the film, twelve men are brought together in a room to decide whether a boy is guilty of killing his father. The personality conflicts, the joint effort and the functioni. The American legal system, based on the ancient idea of "innocent, until proven guilty;" has its share of advantages and disadvantages.

They all serve to build a system that has suffered years of trials and tribulations, having lost much of their usefulness in today's world. The cornerstone of the American legal system is the "trial by jury," in which a citizen who has been accused of a crime, has. His life depends on their unanimous decision-either guilty or not guilty.

In the beginning of the movie, we see the a bored-sounding, non-committal judge wearily instructing the twelve-man jury to begin their deliberations after listening to six days of a long and complex case of murder in th.

While watching "12 Angry Men" many political aspects caught my attention. This movie was not only interesting, but also realistic in the way a trial is run.

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Apr 17,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | 12 Angry Men () focuses on a group of unnamed jurymen who must come to a unanimous decision regarding the guilt or innocence.

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12 Angry Men study guide contains a biography of Reginald Rose, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Analysis of 12 Angry Men Essay - The play 12 Angry Men is one of the greatest plays I’ve seen. I read the novel and saw both movies but my favorite was the Broadway play we saw as a class.

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12 Angry Men Essay There are millions of movies produced. Even though we have the modern cinematography and films of different genres that can satisfy every spectator, some old movies remain popular to this day. The movie 12 Angry Men depicts the story about 12 people serving as jury who have completely different attitudes, personalities, emotions and approaches in.