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Descriptive Essay: My Recent Vacation

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❶We saw the ancient fortress of the Goan rulers.

What happened?

2 – Expressing What Went Well or Poorly During Your Vacation in French
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I will never forget when I first drove through, passing the canals and seeing the monuments. It was like a huge open-air museum. It was love at first sight. It was dark in the evening, Christmas lights illuminating the whole city. It was bright, almost like daytime. The streets were very busy, full of shoppers marching from one shop to another. I parked my car in a small one way street nearby. I did not make note of the road name, as I thought that the name of the station would be sufficient for finding my car again.

We visited the Opera house and walked towards Place de la Concorde. We then walked back to find our car. I became anxious and confused. I approached people who were passing by. Some just ignored me. He pointed towards the station. I asked an American couple who were tourists. This was just the beginning of our nightmare. How were we going to find the car? It took us nearly over two hours walking through many streets that all looked the same. I wondered whether to call the police. It was a miracle that I finally managed to find my car.

It was late in the evening and we were hungry. We parked close by, so that I could watch my car easily. Every now and then I looked through the window. Suddenly I saw a car at the top of the road shaking back and forth. It was stationary, but was moving up and down.

After a minute or so, I saw the car in the front come out and leave. The next morning, we walked around the small town. It was Christmas and all the shops were closed. We were happy with our hotel, but we decided to check the prices of other local hotels.

Starting uni is full of surprises: Start new discussion Reply. Eliza Follow 1 follower 4 badges Send a private message to Eliza Follow 1 Au Liban nous restons dans un petit appartement en ville et souvent nous restons pour cinq semaines.

J'adore y parce que j'aime jouer le basket donc je peux m'amuser et aussi pratique. Nous passions la plupart des vacances skier ou snowboard. I know I made a post previously but only got one reply and wanted to check that it is near perfect!!! Follow 2 It's wonderful, but is this for Speaking or Writing? Follow 3 Also have I made any mistakes? Follow 4 By the looks of it, I hardly find any mistakes in your writing.

It's good, you will achieve top high scores for sure. Follow 5 Follow 6 There are many mistakes and previous responder has misled you. It is nowhere near perfect. Nous voyageons par avion et le vol dure quatre heures. Au Liban nous passons souvent cinq semaines dans un petit appartement en ville et. J' adore ce club de jeunes parce que j'aime jouer au basket , je peux m'amuser et aussi pratiquer le sport.

Follow 7 Brings back memories of teachers ruining my holiday memories by forcing me to write a long boring essay about it as soon as I got back. Follow 8 Follow 9 Follow 10 Follow 11 Follow 12 Follow 13 I loved it Nd forget to share the story of "tour to france". Follow 14 Follow 15 Follow 16 Did you use google translate because it seems so!

Higher Languages Catus' Journey to University! What are your extended essay topics? I'm bored, someone talk to me in French.

1 – French Holiday Vocabulary

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Mar 05,  · French holidays mini essay watch. Announcements. Five things you should do when you go to uni wonderful, but is this for Speaking or Writing? Because if it's Speaking, you might struggle, as I'm doing GCSE AQA French Speaking Controlled Assessment tomorrow, and each question is max 5 lines. Brings back memories of teachers ruining my.

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Learn the French vacation vocabulary, master French expressions to describe your holidays in France, explore the French school vacation organization including the French vacation "zone" system + tips from a French native to be ready for your next vacation in .

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Free Essay: During my last vacation I went to France. My mum arranged this tour for me and my friends. We travelled there by plane. We went France last. Descriptive Essay: My Recent Vacation. September 25, August 18, Julie Petersen. and the restaurants seduced me with the memorable tastes of traditional French wine and cuisine. The famous Kugelhopf cake seemed simple and uninviting at first, but I was amazed by the buttery, zesty taste of this sweet yeast bread.

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My first visit to Paris was a remarkable experience, which I will never forget. I booked the Dover-Calais ferry and drove with my wife from London in the My first trip to Paris. French Essay On Vacation. French and Indian War Essay The French and Indian War (or the Seven Years War), one of the bloodiest wars in the 18th century, took place from to This war was the product of an imperial struggle between France and England over colonial land, wealth, and some say to even prove dominance within .