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Socrates philosophy essay

Socrates philosophy essay

❶The purpose of questioning was to expose contradictions that rendered the argument invalid. Socrates responds not by specifically denying the charge of atheism, but by attacking Meletus for inconsistency:

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Socrates: The death of a philosopher
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Socrates is not even trying to save himself. He is merely making a mockery of the system. He is not fighting in anyway to prolong his death. Another argument could be that Socrates himself does not really know if death is a good thing or a bad thing. Although he has no fear of death, he has very little true knowledge of it either.

Socrates states, "I will not say of myself that I deserve any evil, or propose any penalty. Because I am afraid of the penalty of death which Meletus proposes?

When I do not know whether death is a good or an evil" Socrates is wise enough to question death. The fact that Socrates is open to the idea of not knowing whether death is a good or bad thing could point to the awareness of his own humanity. In being human, Socrates would not wish an evil upon himself. He knows that the penalty could be something horrific. As an opposition to this, no one has true knowledge of death.

In time Socrates would die anyway, but dying of old age would be an honest death - not one that would help to make his name live on. It would be better to die unjustly and leave a legacy than it would be to die and leave a small following that might drizzle out in a short time. The fact that Socrates' name still lives on to this day may be all of the proof needed to say that he did what he had to do to insure his own death. He had the chance to escape, but he declined.

He held his constant Socratic sarcasm throughout the trial, and he prophesied being a martyr at the trial to his accusers. He just seemed too calm and relaxed for a man looking death in the face. It is one thing to not fear death, but it is all together another to embrace it. Had Socrates argued a little harder in his own defense the ending may have ended up much different, but is that what Socrates would have wanted?

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Step-by-step essay writing tips will facilitate your perception of our articles. All academic essays are formatted in any citation style: The primacy of the reasonable justice is, according to Socrates, crucial in determination of what is right against willful or arbitrary authority. The philosopher suggests looking for the truth as the crucial and determinant element of justice because to make justice means to find the truth.

Otherwise, any decision would be unjust. At this point, it is possible to refer to his argument with Euthyphro concerning piety. Piety is a concept that implies the obedience to divine norms and rules and respect of gods.

Therefore, he believes his actions are pious, i. In response, Socrates questions and doubts in stories concerning gods. In such a way, Socrates challenges the essence of the argument of his opponent.

Moreover, he steadily refers to examples concerning stories related to gods, which he believes to be inconsistent and incredible, whereas Euthyphro draws more and more examples of stories concerning gods, which he believes prove his position as being inspired by gods. Thus, Socrates uncovers that the concept of piety offered by his opponent is incorrect.

In other words, the distinct feature of the reasonable method in search of justice is its objectivity and reliance on facts that are processed and analyzed by a reasonable mind. In fact, Socrates insisted that people should look for the true value of their life that was possible only with the help of careful examination and reasonable research of human life, its purposes and value.

Socrates stressed the importance of happiness, self achievement and fulfilling goals without hurting yourself or others. A person, who cannot find inner happiness or gain value, is living a life that is not worth living. In such a way, the life became purposeful and fruitful.


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Socrates is revered for his shifting of Greek philosophical thought from the contemplation of the nature of the universe, which occupied the philosophers before him, to the examination of human.

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Free Essay: Socrates was perhaps the most interesting and influential thinker in the fifth century. He was dedicated to careful reasoning and he wanted.

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Socrates (philosophy) essays Socrates was a great philosopher who had an incredible impact on philosophers of his time and even philosophers today. He lived in Athens from B.C.E to B.C.E during the Periclean Age. He taught his philosophy of life on the streets to anyone who cared to liste. - The Trial of Socrates The trial of Socrates is an excellent source of events during the period in which Socrates lived and died. Athens was a democratic city with much pride in their freedom. Especially their freedom of speech.

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Socrates’ apology is the critique of the political life of the Athenian state. The philosopher was very skeptical about the vulnerability of political decisions and policies conducted by Athens. In fact, Socrates defends himself from accusations of the neglect and offense of . Wisdom of Socrates Essay - Socrates was a man that was in search of the truth about wisdom. However, it became more than just a simple search, rather it tuned into a complex assignment where the answer of true wisdom leads Socrates to be brought up on charges of corrupting society.