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Great Chicken Wire for Paper Mache Armatures

But What Can I do with Paper Mache?

❶If not to hard it will just take a lot of detail carving. There are just as many cut ends and sharp little wires as there would be with regular wire — but no blood.

A firm foundation for Paper Mache

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Building the Trunk
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Making a life-sized paper mache tree from chicken wire is a time consuming process, but one which is both fun and rewarding. Making your own tree is a great way to achieve just the right look for a scary Halloween tree, a palm tree or trees for the set of play.

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Make the drawing: Make a plan of what you want to achieve. Make a sketch of the sculpture you want to make with the dimensions and shape. It is going to help you determine the amount of chicken wire and paper mache you need and you will not get lost or confused during the project if you make a plan first.

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Paper mache is mostly used for creating the main frame of a sculpture, but the chicken wire sets the foundation to hold the entire body in shape. Basically, the chicken wire is the skeleton of the sculpture, while the paper mache will be the flesh. paper mache tree - image only, I didn't see a good link. Tree made from chicken wire, paper mâché and burlap. Would make a nice tree trunk for a class musical. Alternate tree idea, could built up from flame frame LANCE CARDINAL: INTO THE WOODS - SET DESIGN See more.

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Jules Madden: The Completed Paper Mache Tree Project! Find this Pin and more on Kali room by Denise Bell-Turner. So happy to be sharing the completed Paper Mache Tree project! mainly because I start projects but then get. 35 thoughts on “ Great Chicken Wire for Paper Mache Armatures ” Sydney. Aug 23, Hello Jonni! For a paper mache tree that would be the size of an indoor Christmas tree. Would I need chicken wire as an armature or would cardboard suffice? Thank you for all your help and inspiration!-Sydney. Jonni Good.