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❶If you click the links above to the research papers, it does seem that the daily dose may work better in the long run. An exploration of the relationship between levels and types of diet and various forms of exercise.

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Since there are so few foods high in vitamin D unless you eat wild salmon almost daily , this is one of the rare times that supplementation may be the best choice. Also check that you are getting vitamin D3, the active form that the body absorbs the best.

For a vitamin D rich dish, try out this tasty salmon! Cover the salmon with marinade. Place lemon slices on top. Allow the salmon to soak up the flavors for 30 minutes to 2 hours. When ready to cook, you can bake or grill the salmon. Bake at for 15 minutes or grill outside for minutes on each side. So… what do post-workout meals, sleep and vitamin D have in common? They are all important tools for helping the body recover. Use food and sleep to make this happen! If you enjoyed this post, please visit me at www.

I just re-launched my blog this week and would love for you to join me! For the protein, you can use eggs and carbohydrate can be fruit. Keep boiled eggs in the fridge for an easy post-workout snack when combined with berries, cut up melon, apples, etc. This post is great-thank you for posting! This was such a wonderful post!

I would love to see more posts like these! I love this new addition to KERF! There are so many claims about what humans should eat based on what early humans ate, the shape of our teeth, etc. It always helps to have in mind how you should be fueling post workout, and the Vitamin D info was great.

I really need to work on my night owl syndrome. Thanks a lot mom! I barely scrape in 6 full hours and I know I need to improve on that. Thanks for the reminder! This is a great post! I especially enjoyed the tips about eating after a workout.

Loved the food suggestions. This is really informative post. I took a Sports Nutrition class during undergrad as part of my Nutrition minor, and I loved it.

I love the coffee nap idea!!! Thank you ladies I really enjoyed this and learned a lot!! The fats included contain omega-3 which help with reversing the inflammation caused by exercise. I try to stay around g fat in a post-workout snack, with the fat being a healthy fat. You do want to avoid any type of fat 5g or less is usually OK in a pre-workout snack or meal! The fat does slow down digestion, which is usually a good thing, but can cause upset stomach and GI issues during a workout.

Wow, this was a wonderful post — thank you so much Cristina! I really liked this post!! Glad to know what level I should be at! This is exactly the kind of well-researched, nutrition-science-based advice that is so rare in most of the opinions you read online. Thanks for this post Christina. What a wonderful post! Very informative, yet breaks it down based on specific needs. I am an elite athlete and I thought I knew it all about athletes nutrition, but I still learned a lot from this post! I am sure this will help out a lot of people myself being one of them.

I think you have hit on extremely important points that are often taken for granted. Thanks for a great post, keep it up! What a well-researched, well-written post!

My daughter is an athlete. I will definitely send this information to her, with a link to your blog. Thanks so much for the great information, Christina!! Turning your bedroom into a cave is key— no TV and no bright lights— even from your alarm clock! I had the brightest alarm clock display on the face of the planet.

My room was so much darker when I moved it. This is such a great and informative post! Thank you to introducing me to a new favorite blogger, and a quite smart one at that! So loved this post!! I fell in the low side-am now working at bettering the number for the next draw, 3 months recheck. I certainly can take-away much here-thanks Kath.

Wow this post was very helpful! I just started getting more serious about my running again and am still trying to figure out what foods work for me and how to recovery properly. Hearing that I should be eating more within an hour of my runs was definitely beneficial. When you are giving examples for foods to consume after a workout, what are you qualifying for a workout?

To maintain our weight do we need g of protein and 40g of carbohydrates after going for a 30 minute walk that seems pretty excessive , or are your examples only for more lengthy and intense workouts? The examples are for moderate to high intensity workouts. To be really specific, you would want to know your daily goal of carbs, protein and fat to make sure your overall day fits your goal weight loss, maintenance, gain.

No matter what exercise you do, muscles will tear so recovery is important for anyone exercising! I usually exercise in the evening, so I try to have my evening meal within 1 hour of finishing. Very encouraging and practical. I always drink water right away.

Weight bearing exercise is generally good for bone health, because bone responds to the stress of exercise by becoming stronger. Female athletes who are underweight and amenorrheic often have decreased bone mineral density and are at increased risk for fractures reduced estrogen limits the amount of calcium absorbed and laid down in bone. Also, late menarche more common in female athletes has a negative impact on bone health and increases stress fracture risk.

Although a variety of factors contribute to fractures, recent research suggests that what an athlete eats before, during, and after exercise can influence bone turnover. Making the right choices could potentially offset bone loss and prevent stress fractures. Carbohydrates during exercise might benefit bones.

Researchers found that compared to placebo, runners who ingested carbohydrates during their run had reduced markers of bone resorption breakdown. Journal of Applied Physiology, October Another strategy for bone health is a calcium-rich meal before exercise.

A study in female cyclists found that eating a dairy-rich meal 90 minutes before riding can counter bone loss. Maudsley Family Based Treatment with Dr. For a general overview of nutrition for athletic performance that puts the latest research in context, check out this page. If you are looking for good sports nutrition resources, check out this page. Carbohydrates Carbs, not fats, boost half-marathon race performance, study finds.

Study authors conclude that for best race performances, endurance athletes should use dietary strategies that maximize carbohydrate availability before and during competition.

Journal of Applied Physiology, Nov Higher carbohydrate intake reduces overtraining symptoms Asker Jeukendrup, mysportscience. Carbohydrate Intake During Exercise. S25—S33 Exercising in the heat? Jill Parnell, No Baloney Athletes avoiding gluten or grains — is there good evidence? Sheila Kealey Carbohydrate supplementation during exercise: How much is too much?

Some research is suggesting that certain foods could have performance enhancing benefits; the foods include watermelon, beet juice , blackcurrants, and cherry juice. This week, Anita Bean provides a nice overview of the research on these foods. This is an impressive display of information, with food sports nutrition advice. Journal of Applied Physiology, October Another strategy for bone health is a calcium-rich meal before exercise.

Eating Disorders New study helps explain why eating disorders are so difficult to treat. Although many people make poor food choices, anorexia nervosa is a serious illness where maladaptive food choices can lead to starvation. In a new study , researchers from UC San Diego look at the neural mechanisms underlying anorexia nervosa with brain scanning techniques, and show that brain circuits involved in habitual behavior might help explain the destructive choices.

The findings emphasize the importance of seeking treatment early.

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International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand: protein and exercise. (Campbell B., et al; Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition , ) Sports Nutrition to Prevent or Help Heal Injuries. Nutritional Support for Exercise-Induced Injuries. Nice review article summarizing the evidence to date about nutrition for sports injuries.

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There is a growing body of research indicating that adjustments in the nutrition of athletes can prepare them better for the rigours of sport. For a sports nutrition student, in order to advance a career in sports science, research on an outstanding topic in a chosen niche will help tremendously.

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Jan 08,  · Today I bring you a new addition to KERF – nutrition trends from dietitians! About once a month I am hoping to host a dietitian to write about a topic he or she specializes in {please email me if you’re interested}. The first post is from Christina, who is a sports dietitian and writes at The Fueled Athlete. Home» Information Centers» Food & Nutrition Information Center» Diet and Health» Fitness and Sports Nutrition Fitness and Sports Nutrition A variety of fitness and sports nutrition topics and resources from organizations and institutes that specialize in sports medicine and exercise science research.

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Aug 13,  · Sports Nutrition Research Paper Topics. Effects of specialized biologically active and nutritional supplements in sports nutrition. Use of curd whey in the sports nutrition industry. Role of microelements in sports nutrition and safety of metal chelates. Methods of creating individualized diets for athletes. The world of sports nutrition research is steadily moving forward, identifying performance-enhancing strategies and improving the recommendations for an athlete’s diet. The challenge is staying current with all of the latest investigations.