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Adolf Hitler - Research Paper Example

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❶He was found unfit to be a soldier, and soon after he renounced his Austrian ties, the First World War began and he returned to Germany to become a member of the Bavarian Army.

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Essay title: Adolf Hitler

Three of his sibling died within the first few years of life and only him and a sister would make it into adult hood. Already you can see Hitler was exposed to death and hardship at such a young age, a very traumatic experience for anyone.

Hitler's father, Alois, was fifty-one and had already married twice before he met his last wife, Klara Adolf's mother. Alois was a very strict man who wanted to see his son succeed in life. A son from his previous marriage had been a huge disappointment to him, so he routinely beat and whipped young Adolf to keep him in line, in fear of Adolf becoming like his abandoned first son. As a result of this constant pressure from his father, Hitler did extremely well in primary school and looked destined to become something great.

Also, he was very popular with the other students and was portrayed as a great leader, even so young in life. He soon realized school was not as easy as he thought when told he was going to have to repeat a year during his middle school years. This embarrassed Adolf very much and soon saw the respect of his classmates lessen, much like his grades had.

Hitler then decided he wanted to become an artist, much to the dismay of his father, and after many arguments, they decided on Realschule, since it offered a drawing course. Soon after this decision, his father died of a hemorrhage in Since their father worked as a customs official, the Hitler family received a nice pension and never really had to worry about money during this painful time.

Hitler was able to cope with the loss of his father because of his mother's ability to spoil him. Klara very much wanted to see her son succeed in school, but, like her husband, failed to keep Adolf's interest in school.

After he failed so many times back home, Hitler decided to move to Vienna to try to gain entrance into a prestigious art school. While living in Vienna, he developed his interest in politics as well as his hatred for Jews. Even though he had a few Jewish friends, Vienna was the center on anti-Semitism and Hitler feed off of this cities propaganda. During this time, his mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Her treatment was being diagnosed by a Jewish doctor, Dr.

Edward Bloch, who helped serve the poor. After getting rejected by both schools he applied for in Vienna, he then, soon after, had to cope with the loss of his mother approx. December after she suffered more than she needed the Jewish doctor prescribed a rather expensive, dangerous drug which was no help.

Hitler was much more distraught after the loss of his mother then of his father. Hitler loved her so much more that, still to this day, many claim that Hitler was clutching a picture of his mother when he died.

It is now and Hitler has no parents. His financial status was stable due to a nice inheritance from his father when he turned eighteen. Through this time, Hitler would spend most of his mornings in bed reading, his afternoons in the cities studying buildings and museums, and other leisure activities.

Reality quickly hit him when he had to flee the country due to his great reluctance to join and serve in the Austro-Hungarian military. It took the authorities four years to catch Adolf he was living in Munich with a dying aunt at the time. In six pages this paper examines the modernist art destruction by the Nazis in and the events that contributed to this artist This paper consists of six pages in which Adolf Hitler is considered through a discussion of his life's background and the twisted In nine pages this paper contrasts compares the lives, power rises, and leadership styles of Mussolini and Hitler.

In seven pages this paper examines the twentieth century in terms of how political propaganda has been negatively used in a consid In six pages Hitler's power rise and the economic conditions that paved its way during the s and '30s are discussed. In eleven pages this time period is the focus of a consideration of how the Third Reich developed and the contributing emotional, In seven pages this paper examines the German elections of and in order to determine reasons why voters would have cast This is a paper consisting of a five page review and discussion of Bullock's text on Hitler's ideology and political theory and ho In fifteen pages Germany's political landscape of the Thirties is explored in a consideration of the SS and SA power struggle alon In eight pages this paper compares these two men's leadership styles and power base abuses of each.

Seven sources are cited in th This 6 page paper discusses the book Adolf Hitler by John Toland, in which the author explores many facets of Hitler's life. In eight pages Fascism and Nazism are contrasted and compared. Five sources are cited in the bibliography In five pages this paper examines the henchmen who supported these oppressive dictators in a consideration of Himmler, Heydrich, E In fifteen pages this paper speculates on whether or not genetic predisposition could explain Hitler's actioins and what role if a This paper consists of ten pages and examines this attempt on Hitler's life and the repercussions on his country.

In six pages a hypothetical conversation between these two leaders are examined in terms of the ideologies espoused by each and ba This paper contains three pages and the argument is posed as to whether or not he should be considered the 'Man' of the twentieth This paper contains six pages and compares and contrast these world leaders in terms of the social and political impact of each.

In three pages Nazi and Fascist ideologies are contrasted and compared in a consideration of the times and the societies that insp In four pages this paper argues that Hitler's rise was attributed in large part to the Treaty of Versailles' German reparations cl In six pages this paper chronicles the evolution of Adolf Hitler's anti Semitic attitudes dating back to some twenty years before In six pages this paper examines the commonly asked historical question of 'What if?

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January 27, Period 1 Research Paper: Adolf Hitler. Hitler is most commonly known for the unforgivable deeds that he committed in his lifetime/5(3).

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Adolf Hitler This Research Paper Adolf Hitler and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 9, • Research Paper • 4, Words (17 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

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Adolf Hitler and the Jews research papers discuss Hitler's hatred toward the Jews and explains the reasons behind his hate. Free Adolf Hitler papers, essays, and research papers.

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A visionary leader to some and the most evil man to others, Hitler was arguably one of the most effective and powerful leaders of the 20th century. Driven by. Read this History Other Research Paper and over 88, other research documents. Adolf Hitler. Although most people won't admit it, the most influential person of the 20th century was Adolf Hitler. While most know /5(1).