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Determination of Ka of Weak Acids—AP* Chemistry Classic Laboratory Kit

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Determination of the Ka of a Weak Acid and the Kb of a Weak Base from pH Measurements 1 Experiment 7 Determination of the K a of a Weak Acid and the K b of a Weak Base from pH Measurements Pre-Lab Assignment Before coming to lab: • Read the lab thoroughly.

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Determination of Ka of Weak Acids Purpose The purpose of the lab is to determine the acids ability to ionize or produce ions when dissolved in water. Procedure: Label two weighting dishes #1 and #2. Obtain an unknown weak acid and record the unknown letter in the data table.5/5(4).

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Mar 05,  · Determination of Ka of Weak Acids. I. II. Date: March 5, Purpose: To measure the pKa value for ionization of two unknown weak acids by using solutions containing equal molar amounts of the weak acids and their conjugate bases which are prepared by “half-neutralization” of the acid. Procedure: Refer to Lab Sheet.5/5(4). The Determination of Ka of Weak Acids Classic Lab Kit for AP* Chemistry allows students to measure the Ka value for the ionization of two unknown acids. pH values are then measured and utilized, calculating the pKa value of each unknown.

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View Lab Report - Determination of Ka of Weak Acids lab from AP CHEM 11 at West Catholic High School. Clare A. Coddington Lab Report I. Title: Determination of Ka of Weak Acids II. Date%(6). CHEM DETERMINATION OF pK a VALUES OF WEAK ACIDS The dissociation of a weak acid can be described by the equation HA ⇄ H+ + A- and the equilibrium constant for this reaction by K.