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Education Reform Essay

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Essays on Educational reform

Education reform in the United States
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This obviously has a long lasting affect because now any boy or girl can chase their dream job because of the education reform. The education reform has definitely made the longest lasting impact on today. Now all kids have the opportunity to go to school, the U. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Education Reform specifically for you.

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Though some opinions might veer to one extreme or the other, the idea most can agree on is that the American schooling system is indeed in need of some refining as we continue forward into the 21st Century. The education system, while somewhat admirable in its steadfast approach to providing a relatively cheap education for the majority of children in the country, does not treat all students equally.

Especially in a time of No Child Left Behind the most current version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that The White House suggests is more than five years past due for reauthorization and other public policies that are intended to benefit the students in the U. By developing a curriculum around a specific set of pre-endorsed cultural learning, students can engage with materials beyond the manner that the current one-size-fits-all educational system puts forth.

The current American school system derives the substantial majority of its curriculum from a Eurocentric base and the benefits that coincide with this curriculum have unlocked many opportunities for those whom the system itself benefits. The biggest question at the core of this discussion is this: How can the education system be formed into a site for equity and growth for students?

With the implementation of these Africentric schools, perhaps we have found a substantial portion of the eventual answer. The dominant position in teacher education has tended to be a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Of course, with the advent of standards, standardization, and the test-driven curricula of No Child Left Behind, the one-size agenda again rears its decontextualized head. Such a position assumes that teaching and learning is a culture-free process that has nothing to do with the experiences and identities that teachers and students bring with them to school. A teacher uses the same standardized methods, treats all learners the same, transmits the same learning techniques , and seeks the same instructional goals no matter if her students come from the South Bronx or the Upper East Side George Herbert Mead presents the concept of symbolic interactionism which, when boiled to its basis, describes the process through which mind, self, and society are developed or how people form meaning and structure in society through conversation.

Educators, and the environments they create for students, are of paramount importance in fostering the development of a culture within the educational system. Yet the educational system in the U. Implementing more money to charter schools has significantly improved academic erformance. The current Obama administration provides money to charter schools along with the implemented Voucher Program, where parents of children can receive financial support in order to open up the possibilities of better education else ware.

The federal government is enacting better ways to support a crumbling educational system, although these proposals are not going to change the problem at hand overnight. There are other ways in order to help reform aside from providing money to schools in need.

One of these ways was a simple suggestion made by Paul Goodman. In order to better help our education system; he suggests students take a break or a leave of absence from education after graduating high school. Paul Goodman proposed this strategy: This break opens the mind to the Joys of learning again. Students in todays society are less often to further education out of creature of habit, as opposed to need.

By eliminating the student to continue education right after high school and provide the student with real life experience, this gives the student a break from education and a choice later on to continue their education if they desire.

The theory could be accomplished with a pilot program utilizing a half a dozen of prestigious schools. In a society of must do attitude, the sending of subliminal messages of hope by forcing education based on television commercials, equirements, and opportunities that higher education is a must in order to be successful, society sends the message by pushing students to succeed in education, otherwise they will not attribute to society.

The theory which has benefit for those burnt out on education, also provides a window of opportunity for success in the future, giving the student the choice to further education or not. There is a twofold process required to help Jump start education for a degree turnaround.

This is by way of going to the root of the problem, parental responsibility or guidance. Some parents should be held accountable along with school districts in the success of our youth.

California has passed a law where parents have the ability to conduct change in education. By doing so students would spend more time in smaller classes with specific curriculum and a staff of new teachers.


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The second and third papers assess a comprehensive reform to improve teacher and principal talent in high-poverty, low-performing schools. While the reform has various components, its main features are recruitment, retention, and performance bonuses for teachers and principals in schools with a greater concentration of high-poverty students.

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Education Reform: Areas of Education that Need Attention Essays Words | 7 Pages “Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts” (Adams Para 1). The issues within the education system are having negative effects on education and the students. This sample education essay explores how education reform in the United States is necessary and the courses need to be designed and implemented to take on a more cross-cultural interpretation of historical events and politics.4/5(4).

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Education Reform Essay - Education Reform Education reform could be considered as one of the most highly debated issues of today. People of many different backgrounds from many different locations have many different opinions on how children in this country should be taught. Essay: Argumentative Essay on Educational Reform Since the early ’s, the issue of America’s faltering public school system has become a serious concern. The crisis in K education is one of the biggest challenges facing the nation.