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❶Read your article out loud to yourself.

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Tense should not vary in the same paragraph — if you start a paragraph in the past tense, it should remain in the past tense, wherever possible.

This is the most common fault with any research paper — if you have a word limit, and you are somewhat short of that, it is tempting to add irrelevance, by adding unrelated information or saying the same thing more than once, in a slightly different way. Usually, it is better to have a slightly shorter paper that is focused, rather than a longer paper that crawls over the word limit. If you are writing a paper, with a specific thesis, it is too easy to fall into the trap of using only the evidence that suits your argument.

This is exceptionally weak, and any reader will see through it. If you find a source that is contradictory to yours, you should embrace it, because it really gives you a chance to show what you can do. This gives you the opportunity to make your argument stronger by giving counter points to the source. Academic work is never black and white, so do not be afraid to concede that another viewpoint is correct.

In fact, you may uncover some sources that are so compelling that they make you rewrite you thesis statement. This really is not a problem. This is one of the factors that can make a paper sublime, but is one of the hardest parts to accomplish. The ideal paper should flow effortlessly from one sentence to the next, making it a pleasure to read rather than a chore. Much of this comes with practice, and some will never be masters, but one little to tip is that you should read the paper out loud to yourself.

If you find yourself tripping over sections, it is likely that they are clumsy as the written word, too, so try tweaking the language a little. Hopefully, these tips will help you to tweak and refine your paper, making sure that all of your hard work researching, planning and designing your project does not go to waste.

You can have the best project in the world but, if it is not written properly, the reader will look elsewhere long before the end. Check out our quiz-page with tests about:. Martyn Shuttleworth Mar 16, Retrieved Sep 13, from Explorable. The text in this article is licensed under the Creative Commons-License Attribution 4.

You can use it freely with some kind of link , and we're also okay with people reprinting in publications like books, blogs, newsletters, course-material, papers, wikipedia and presentations with clear attribution. Check Out the Official Book Learn how to construct, style and format an Academic paper and take your skills to the next level. Read More also available as ebook. This article is a part of the guide: Select from one of the other courses available: Don't miss these related articles:.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, we will be more than happy to help with resolving it. Any article critique we sell is intended for instructive purposes only, you are supposed to use it as a paper of a proper scholarly work you can use to learn how to organize your paper in APA or MLA format, what kind of information you should use, what kind of critique is acceptable and what is not.

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With any piece of writing, whether it is an essay or a research paper, the whole process of sitting down and writing the paper can be though you have read our guide on tips for writing an article, something does not seem quite right with your paper.. Usually, this is because your use of English could be a little better, or the paper .

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We have created our article critique writing service specifically to make lives of students struggling with their comparative research assignments easier. At our website, you can always hire a writer meeting all your requirements – there are .

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We are always happy to help you with. Essay Writing. Calculate your price. The following are the steps that will guide you in becoming competent in the field of writing article critique with little effort. How to Critique an Article. 1) Understand the Meaning of an Article Critique. 24 thoughts on “ Write a How-to Article in 6 Easy Steps ” abdulwajidlakhani December 30, at am. Researching a topic is very essential and is the area where many of us fails. Can anyone please help me by providing topics to write an article on for school’s magazine.

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Article review is a subcategory of a literature purpose of an article review is to help you understand your assigned reading material or synthesize and critique a broad range of articles on an individual subject. Writing a Newspaper Article. Teach students to turn their research and interviews into vibrant, interesting stories. then write your own articles modeled after them. Now, read it out loud. This will help you catch any awkward phrases, .