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Importance of solar energy

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❶Their wavelengths in meters are:

Solar Power Essay

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As a result of this activity, the mass extinction of fish has been observed in the region, as well as the abandonment of whole villages where people used to live on fishing Nelson, , p.

Another well-known incident is the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, which spilled over a million cubic meters of crude oil. Using solar energy does not imply releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere; the energy production process for it is free from any gas, smoke, or other chemical waste.

Solar energy , unlike other sources of conventional energy, is free from monthly or other charges, except the first installation and maintenance fees. Operational costs are also negligible. Solar energy does not require costly and ongoing raw materials, such as coal or oil, and unlike conventional power production, operational labor is redundant.

This, together with the fact that solar energy power plants may be independent from the national energy grid, is a significant advantage for people in isolated localities; solar energy is more cost-effective and practical for self-reliant societies, or those who live in rural or isolated areas. It is practical since it is much cheaper to install solar energy systems than putting up power lines; it is cost-effective due to conventional sources of energy depending on a variety of factors, like transportation of petroleum and frequent maintenance.

Those with divergent views on solar energy insist the cost of installing solar energy system is higher compared to conventional sources of energy Demirbas, They also argue that solar panels require excessive amounts of space for installation, and this might hinder its application in limited space, such as urban areas.

According to Professor Ayhan Demirbas from the University of North Seattle , the reason why installation costs are relatively higher is due to solar panels being made from materials that have exorbitant costs p. However, as solar energy becomes more and more competitive due to shortages facing other sources of power, prices are expected to come down. Governments seeking to cut down carbon emissions may also subsidize the cost of installation.

Solar energy has the potential of becoming the most significant source of energy in the nearest future. Since there are no chemicals or gases involved in energy production on solar plants, this type of energy can be considered one of the cleanest. Solar energy is also cheap and practical. Solar plants may be constructed off the national energy grid, which is beneficial for small self-reliant societies, and they do not require monthly or other charges.

Those disputing the viability of solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuel insist that installing solar panels is expensive and requires plenty of space. However, government subsidies and other measures are likely to reduce said costs, and the problem of free space is also in the process of resolving. On the whole, it is clear that fossil fuel deposits are getting lower and lower each day.

Therefore, increasing numbers of people will continue to embrace solar energy as the best alternative to fossil fuels. Sustainable Development and Innovation in the Energy Sector. A Realistic Fuel Alternative for Tomorrow. Is English your native language?

The method converts sunlight into heat to generate steam. As a result, electricity is generated by feeding vapor in a steam turbine. Furthermore, solar energy is used to operate water heaters. Innovation in engineering has led to the emergence of a hybrid power system.

In such a system, solar energy is jointly used with the traditional power. The system is vital in saving power bills and providing back up power in the event of failure of the local power gridiron. Solar energy systems are relatively cheaper to install. This is in comparison to the high cost of installing conventional power systems. Furthermore, solar energy is affordable and efficient to households and businesses. This is the reason why solar energy is more appealing to most households.

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Essay on Solar Energy and the Energy Crisis Words | 4 Pages generating electricity from solar radiation is through the use of solar thermal energy. Power plants that generate electricity in this way use mirrors to focus the sun's energy.

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Solar energy is the energy received by the earth from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. Solar energy influences Earth’s climate and weather and sustains life. Although solar energy only provides % of the world’s power, experts believe that sunlight has the.

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- Solar energy is a fast growing energy resource among the renewable energy resources in the market and potential for solar power is huge to contribute towards the power demand almost in all the countries. The Solar Energy is radiant heat and light from the sun, harnessed using a range of ever-evolving, technologies such as solar heating and solar panels, it is an important source of energy it is Nature power from the sun, every power the sun falls on the planet it is used by the entire human population in one year, the power from the sun is limitless supply not like oil or gas, solar power is a /5(9).

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What is the importance of solar energy in our daily life, for environment and economy. This essay and speech shows why solar energy is important. Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy Solar energy is one of the most beneficial sustainable forms of energy that human beings can use for a variety of purposes. It is a thoroughly renewable form of energy and can be used by the entire human race till the end of time.