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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Essay Sample
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Holden has to undergo many situations in the novel in which affect him physically but more so mentally. To illustrate, Christopher comes home from school one day and no body is home which is unusual, when his father gets home he then says to Christopher that his mother is in the hospital, and later goes on to say his mother has died.

Christopher apparently loses his mother, on facts based on what his father is telling him. Christopher also experiences the death of Wellington. Shears dog who has been murdered with a pitchfork in the front yard of Mrs.

To further illustrate, Christopher discovers this at the beginning of the novel when he is going for one of his late night walks. The dog was lying on the grass in the middle of the lawn in front of Mrs. Its eyes were closed. It looked as if it was running on its side, the way dogs run when they think they are chasing a cat in a dream. But the dog was not running or asleep. The dog was dead.

When Christopher discovers Wellington has been murdered, instead of leaving the case for the police to deal with, Christopher decides to take on the case himself. By doing so, Christopher putting a lot of his time and effort into finding out who killed Wellington results in him getting in trouble from the police, which follows by Christophers father getting mad because after all he is the one who killed Wellington.

Basically, by Christopher taking on this task, many people around him start to get upset which most importantly leads to him becoming further isolated from the rest of the world. While Christophers experience with death force him into being along therefore leading to his social isolation, Holden experiences a similar situation with death which forces him into a state of depression, ultimately leading to isolation from society. Holden loses his little brother Allie from leukemia on July 18th, Allie was an intelligent boy with red hair.

Holden adored his little brother and would do anything for his little brother so his death affected Holden tremendously in a negative way. For example the night Allie dies, Holden sleeps in the garage all night, he has a mental breakdown and destroys all the windows in the garage with his fist.

The death of Allie brought more so anger to Holden rather than sadness. Since Allie passed away from cancer, Holden responds to this by breaking his hand over the windows in the garage. Holden bottles in all his emotions, and does not socialize with others. Holden experience with the death of himself, not literally, but emotionally Holden feels a sense of loneliness and emptiness when he is in the hotel.

For further explanation while Holden walks through the hotel lobby, he starts to think about his life and its meaning, comparing it to the empty hotel, Holden says to himself. Holden has this thought that his life is so empty and useless, and he is so lonely that he would rather be dead.

It seems as if Holden is emotionally dead. This emotional death leads to Holden into a state of depression, followed by his social isolation from the world around. Re-read the opening paragraph. Discuss the length of the sentences. How does the length of sentences affect the tone of the opening paragraph?

Why do you think Christopher like this? Christopher described the incident of the dog in short sentences without any adjectives. So all he wrote are facts and it gives a impassive tone of the opening paragraph. Christopher understands smile face and sad face because he felt happy and sad before.

But the other emotions are too complicated that he has never felt before. Chapter 7 What appeals to Christopher about detective stories? Can you explain why? Chapter 11 Why does Christopher hit the policeman? The policeman asked too much questions too quickly and Christopher found it hard to answer properly without enough time so he was a bit crush down.

He pressed his head onto the ground, the police took of his arms and lifted him onto his feet. In the story Mark Haddon has used first person narration and this is extremely effective as you can see in the mind of Christopher and as well as it being effective; the main character who is Christopher is Autistic and is a victim of Aspergers Syndrome.

For this reason you can see through the eyes of Christopher and you feel what he is feeling and the reader can feel as if he is behaving in a way that he suffers from Aspergers and Autism. Nevertheless, Mark Haddon gives the reader a feeling that they are unable of communicating or transorting with others in a humorous or sarcastic manner.

Christopher also does not understand simple things such as metaphors and he relates his conversations verbatim without interpretation or commentary other than how they make him feel. The reader then ends up filling in the blank spaces and feeling the slightest emotion for Christopher due to the first person narrative in the story.

The sentimental subtext is such a wide space that the reader fills it and this is the effect of the narrative style. The narrative style of the story makes the reader have a place dissimilar to any other characters in the book. Christopher, a 15 year old boy is quite a intellectual thinker, and he needs to have distinct motivation to understand a hard situation.

For example, Christopher cannot understand facial expressions for the fact that they move too fast for him to comprehend. As a result of this, visualizations, charts, graphs, pictures and diagrams are used during the period of this book when Christopher is trying to imply something to the reader. The maps and diagrams which Christopher uses inn the story aids himself in identifying his place on earth so that he does not act in an unusual or irritating way which he is nit aware of.

This part of the story shows the reader that Christopher is Autistic, suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and has a difficult in coping with everyday things. The topic of mathematics is one thing in which Christopher likes to his heart and makes him settled and steady in his disastrous life. Moreover, the first person is both immovable and adamant with his desire for mathematics.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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Essays for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is the story of an autistic boy who tries to solve a murder mystery. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time essays are academic essays for citation.

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Ireneo Sanchez The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time theme analysis essay. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time, a novel written by English novelist Mark Haddon is a novel that revolves around the adventure of Christopher Boone and his effort to solve the mystery of the murder of Wellington.

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In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, written by Mark Haddon, Christopher, the novel’s main protagonist, struggles with trying to relate to other people, has a hard time understanding why people question the way he acts, constantly feels isolated from the people around him, and dreams of being the only human being left on the planet. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time chronicles of Christopher Boone of Swindon, England. The book is written by Mark Haddon, who formerly worked with autistic individuals, describes the world through the eyes of Christopher, who is .

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Sep 05,  · Essay Topics. Christopher quotes Mother as saying that his behavior would “drive her to an early grave.” Citing evidence from the text, to what extent does Christopher feel responsible for Mother’s “death”? Essay about The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time chronicles of Christopher Boone of Swindon, England. The book is written by Mark Haddon, who formerly worked with autistic individuals, describes the world through the eyes of Christopher, who is self-proclaimed “special needs”.