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How to Tell a Woman You Like Her in a Letter

Lessons in Manliness From Hardboiled Detective Philip Marlowe

❶If you have a reason to be writing to her already it then it's not too corny

Lessons From Fahrenheit 451 for the Modern Day

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But if it's the ramblings of a stalker it might freak her out. She might question why you can write this stuff to her but not tell her to her face.

The other option is to bite the bullet, get some courage and just make a move next time you're alone together. If she rejects you, just shrug it off and never mention it again. The problem I have is that I only know her through my Docters office which is where we met so I have no Idea when I will run into her again hence the letter.

We have spoken a couple of times and really hit it off and today I attended a Youth Mental Health forum where she gave a presentation that she invited me to but she was hanging with friends and I was too much of a bitch to ask her then.

I would definitely not write a letter. The thing about writing a letter means all the power is then in her court because she knows she's got you and you have no idea whether or not you have her and the 'flirting' game is over.

It would be much more effective to flirt with her a bit more, see if she responds positively, and if so, ask her out. A 'letter' would just make things awkward. Do NOT write her a love letter. Save the love letters for when you get into an actual relationship.

Otherwise there is a much better chance it will come off as very creepy. I don't think it's corny. But it depends on the girl. Some girls like that extended form of expression, while others might not be so into it. Just keep that in mind when going about something like this - how the other person will react to what you are doing. That said I would err on the side of caution and not go with the letter idea, fishing a bit conversationally speaking would be a better bet.

Don't write you love her like a spineless loser that is afraid of her, for crying out loud! It's too much, it puts her feelings on the line and forces her to a yes or no. Plus, if she doesn't love you, she'll show the letter and laugh her ass off you with the jock that is boning her right now.

Go meet her up, chat with her a few minutes, make her laugh, and then ask her out for a coffee. Just that, "let's go have a coffee tonight".

If she says "yeah" or "I can't tonight, but tomorrow sounds allright", there you have your answer. If she says no or wavers by saying "I don't know, I'm pretty busy, bla bla bla", there you have your answer too. Predictably, it creeped her out and she ended ripping my heart asounder. If you like her, Never say you 'LOVE HER', that's stalkerspeak , you need to relate that fact to her, most girls assume that if you talk to her, you have an agenda, if you're open about it, there is less chance that she's going to think you're just friendly.

And for you, you don't have to worry about being timidly rejected, you've been told no, its painful, but atleast you aren't dancing in the wind. In my experience, girls are generally kind, they don't want to demolish your feelings in a single sweep, so tend to be nice in their language. Which, in the minds of most guys, is just a 'I would date you if [X]'. I don't blame them, but for god's sake, move on if you hear it!

I think it's corny, but corny can be twisted into ironic-charming if done right. Make sure it's a damn fine letter. Hand-Deliver it to her, directly to her, then be there as she reads it.

Okay i guess I'll be a bit more specific about my original post. It was wrong of me to write a "Love Letter" because that is not what it is going to be. It will just be a note thanking her for inviting me to the Youth Conference and that she did a great job facilitating the whole thing. Mention that I enjoyed my time and that I enjoyed spending time with her. At no point in the letter will I state that i "love" her because I don't, I mean i barely know her. I certainly am infatuated with her though.

I may also mention that it's refreshing to know a girl with as much confidence and personality as her as opposed to most of the bimbos I usually meet.

The reason I am resorting to this letter is I have never felt this strongly about anything my entire life. Everything in life is a gamble and this is one I'm willing to take. My life is fairly miserable at the moment and even the limited time I have spent with her have made me feel great. I also wouldn't be taking this risk unless i had a fairly good idea what the response will be.

I am going insane with possibilities at the moment and I know I shouldn't but I can't help it she really has made quite an impression on me. The Youth conference was also the first time I saw her with her hair down so I am thinking about mentioning that she looked great. I don't know about that yet, may be coming on a bit too strong.

So thank you for your advice on this, I wasn't really expecting such mixed results but I think my mind was already made up before I made this post. Now this is corny but i feel like Scott Pilgrim and she is my Ramona Flowers.

S I am not going to write that in my note. Thanks for all the posts. No, she would love it, write it. Just write a good one and give it to her in person, preferably in a closed envelope with maybe something like "sensitive content, handle with care" written on it if you handwriting is nice.

To clarify, I don't think you should be there by default; she might need a moment to digest so it's your call to make.

That's not a reason for you not to do it however. There are many ways a love letter can come off but it depends on what you write and how the person views these things. It could be anything from creepy to sweet and adorable of you. Definitely write her a letter, I get the impression she would appreciate it and be impressed with your confidence for doing so. If I may suggest one alteration to your plan. Don't mention the possibility of spending more time together. Directly ask her out to spend an evening together.

Ask her out on a formal date, somewhere like a nice restaurant or a day event somewhere, even if she isn't looking to date you as a romantic partner I find it unlikely that she'd decline since she obviously likes the sound of spending time with you.

On the grounds that the single worst regret in life is an unexpressed emotion I'd say go for it, you have nothing to lose! Talking would be better, if you must give a letter, to her face will come off as less Once things get going, as many letters as you like, but just the first should at least be personal, telling her to her face or being there when she reads it.

She keeps telling me " I am heaps funny". If that's what she likes about you, then why not make your note a funny one more than a soppy one? Soppy could be creepy, but if you're kind of jokey about it you can remind her why she likes you and also keep the note lighthearted so she doesn't get scared off. Be careful not to make it too jokey, of course, or she'll think you're just making fun of her. Writing a love letter is the wrong way to get the girl. Even if you admire this person very much, you will not have as much information at your disposal as you would writing to someone you have an existing relationship with.

Therefore, focus on the energy over the message. Even if your feelings are vague, the fact you wrote a letter at all speaks volumes. You have to sit down and physically write out your feelings. Delivering the letter carries a risk of rejection, especially if the recipient is very much a stranger to you. Therefore, the effort you took to write the letter in and of itself may be seen as impressive by the recipient.

You want to let this stranger know you admire her. The energy behind that intention is more important than finding the perfect words and phrases. Allow your intent to guide you as you begin to express your feelings. Think about the past, present, and future. If you're still struggling to think of ideas, focus on the past, present, and future.

This can get your creative juices flowing. When did you meet this person? What is your relationship now? What do you hope for in the future? Some details may be inexact when writing a love letter to a stranger but you may find some inspiration considering these factors.

When did you first notice this person? Did she sit ahead of you in algebra class and you noticed the smell of her conditioner? Did you order a latte from her when you were having a bad day and notice she drew a smiley face on the side of your cup?

While your meeting may have been brief, and while she may not remember, you might have noticed something you can include in your letter. While you may not have a relationship in the present, you may still gain something valuable from day-to-day interactions with this person. For example, maybe it's nice to see her through the window as you pass by your local Starbucks.

Maybe it's nice to overhear the music she's listening to before the bell rings for class. Where do you want to go from here? Maybe you just wanted to express your feelings rather than bottling them up. However, maybe you're hoping you could meet this person and the two of you could get to know each other. Think about what you want from this letter when considering the future. State your intent first.

When you feel ready to write the letter, begin by stating your intent. This can be brief, as short as a single sentence. However, it's an important sentence. You want the recipient to know this is a letter expressing some deep feelings so she'll pay attention to its content.

For example, you could say something like, "We don't know each other, but I'm writing to tell you I've admired you for quite some time. We have an algebra class together in a lecture hall on campus, and I think your taste in music is amazing. State exactly how you feel. As you move forward in the letter, be upfront about your feelings.

A love letter is not the place to be shy. Tell the girl why you admire her and what qualities about her most intrigue you.

Go into specifics when possible. You may not know a lot about this person, but mention small things about her that you love. For example, maybe you think the buttons she has on her purse are hilarious. Maybe you notice she listens to a particular band on her headphones that you also enjoy.

Be upfront about why you've never approached her in person. While many people enjoy anonymous love letters, there is always the risk of coming off the wrong way. You don't want the recipient to feel like she's being watched.

It can help if you assure her, at some point, you're a relatively normal person who happens to feel more comfortable expressing feelings in writing. You could be shy, for example, and find expressing yourself easier in words.

Maybe you only see her when she's at work and don't want to bother her. Whatever you reason, make sure you state it early on. You want to make sure the recipient understands why you chose a letter over simply talking to her. This way, you can help avoid potential confusion or discomfort. You could write something like, "I always want to talk to you in person.

However, I'm very shy by nature. Now that we're halfway through the semester, I'm worried I'll never get the courage together. So, I decided to write you a letter. Focus on the recipient. Oftentimes, people end up inadvertently talking about themselves in a love letter. While you should certainly talk about your own feelings, make sure to focus primarily on the recipient.

As you write the letter, express what you like about this person. If you admire that she's always listening to Elliot Smith on her headphones, say so. However, do not go on a 3 paragraph anecdote about your own admiration for Smith.

If you're writing to a relative stranger, specifics may be hard. However, small things go a long way. Do you love the coconut-like smell of her shampoo? Do you enjoy how she laughs to herself during downtime at the coffee shop? Do you remember a comment she made in class that was particularly insightful? Let's return to the algebra class example. You could write something like, "I notice you're always listening to Elliot Smith. I am a big fan of his as well. I'm impressed by how drawn in you seem to the music.

You seem to have an intense appreciation for art. Use your own voice. You don't have to write in a lofty, elevated style if it doesn't come naturally to you. The primary purpose of a love letter is to express your feelings in a way that makes the recipient feel good about herself. The best way to do this is to simply be yourself and use your own words.

This will sound more authentic and sincere when expressed in a way that feels natural to you. Do not get hung up on inserting elaborate metaphors or dramatic declarations of your admiration into your writing.

Instead, focus on simply being yourself and speaking in your own voice. Say how this person has affected you.

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If you need some inspiration before you start writing, read this letter and watch this video that we originally posted in our article about “How to Write a Love Letter Like a Soldier.” The letter was written in by Sullivan Ballou to his wife Sarah, a week before the Battle of Bull Run.

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If you can’t make this pronouncement face-to-face, or you prefer the idea of composing your thoughts in writing instead of verbally fumbling over words, a letter is an effective option to communicate your feelings.

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However, you should write down whatever you have a strong feeling about, be it your passion to a girl, or the ups and downs of your life. Writing is the best way to organize you thoughts, clarify your doubts, and preserve something that no . Jan 04,  · The Escapist Portal > The Escapist Forums > Advice Forum. Is it corny to write a girl you like a love letter? Once things get going, as many letters as you like, but just the first should at.