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The laptop sends and receives data e. We assembled three such combinations of laptop, 3-transceivers and microcontroller and tested the possibility of seamless switching of data transmissions from one FSO transceiver to another while the node structures move with respect to each other. Three laptops communicating via the multi-transceiver FSO node structures.

The experimental setup is shown in Figure 3. The three laptops establish two simultaneous separate data transmission e. We plan to migrate our prototype to Ethernet ports of the laptops and attain higher transmission rates with better quality FSO transmitters and PDs. The end goal of our prototyping efforts to realize an FSO-MANET utilizing several of such multi-transceiver nodes performing simultaneous data transfers among each other.

As shown in Figure 4, we envision a spherical multi-transceiver optical antenna that will include many more transceivers and apply advanced learning and algorithmic methods to guide LOS alignment across its transceivers.

With dense packaging of hundreds of transceivers on these node structures it will be possible to establish several simultaneous ongoing data transmissions with each neighbor separately. Further, by using the directionality of the FSO signals it will also be possible to detect angle-of-arrival and use it for relative localization, a concept that we explored with simulation-based experiments in our papers.

Online management of an active, large-scale network poses many challenges, which have attracted significant research. As critical applications, such as high-definition TV IPTV and financial markets, are converging onto the Internet infrastructure, effective response to large-scale network dynamics like failures and demand spikes is gaining more importance.

Link or node failures are not rare events for a large-scale network of thousands of devices. A major portion of the time spent handling such network dynamics is determining how to respond, mostly performed manually in the current practice. Seeking the optimal response is often impractical, but even settling on a good response is very hard as well.

The emergence of various networking technologies like 3G wireless and mesh networking is further complicating these management tasks. In most cases, getting the large-scale network to work is the typical target. Experienced human administrators are typically the ones who can quickly find a close-to-optimum response.

However, as the networks are getting larger and more diverse, managing and attaining effective responses for an online operational network necessitates meta-tools to swiftly learn and characterize the network. This project responds to this fundamental need by developing tools to achieve automated ways of managing a running network. The project develops tools for automated management of a running network by framing heuristic optimization, empirical learning, experimental design, and network management with a game interface.

The project will develop an online management and experimentation system for large-scale networks in a game-like environment for trainee administrators to play with and explore what-if scenarios, without having to risk the network operation. The project will also develop algorithms for empirical characterization of network dynamics, and tools for quick and close-to-optimal configuration of numerous network parameters in response to failures or customer traffic trends.

Such a framework will automate the process of configuring a large-scale network, and thus reduce the dependency of ISPs to human network operators. The project integrates behavioral-scientific concepts into the practice of operational network management. The automated management using online optimization may establish a foundation for managing multi-owner systems, e. The project's heuristic optimization and experiment design methods as well as the game-based approach to operator training are applicable to training in safety and mission critical industries where mistakes of ill-trained administrators are intolerable, e.

Network measurements help in modeling, understanding, and improving networks. Understanding the topological and the functional characteristics of the Internet is an important research issue.

This understanding is not simply an intellectual curiosity but also a necessity in order to better design, implement, protect and operate the underlying network technologies, protocols, and services. Internet measurements arise due to commercial, social, and technical issues and provide insight into network topology, routing, protocols, and applications.

In this project, we focus on the Internet topology and the network traffic. We are currently exploring efficient and comprehensive link-level Internet topology sampling. We try to identify graph sampling issues in various networks and provide means to reduce errors in the topology sampling practices.

In addition, we look into mechanisms to detect presence of anomalies e. In addition to studying Internet topology, we analyze network traffic to understand the dynamic phenomena. By analyzing traffic patterns, we will be able to enhance underlying topologies, provision network resources, and design better protocols to meet the needs of emerging applications.

Internet topology research helps in understanding of macroscopic structure of the physical Internet structure, developing topology-aware algorithms, and providing simulation and topology generation tools for other research studies.

In this project we focus on collecting and analyzing link-level Internet topologies. In order to obtain sample Internet topologies, one needs to collect a large number of path traces and combine them. However, there are several challenges in obtaining accurate sample Internet maps from raw path traces. In particular, we have focused on resolving anonymous routers, alias IP addresses, and subnets.

We have built an Internet Topology Mapping System, named Cheleby, to construct accurate Internet maps from collected path traces. This system combines our work on the Internet topology measurements and will periodically provide Internet maps in addition to raw traces. It is important to accurately and efficiently process raw path traces in Internet topology mapping before using the map in any study. Hence, we devise several mechanisms to accurately construct sample Internet topologies.

The system will help in observing topological characteristics of the Internet and provide Internet atlas, which we plan to annotate with the geographic location of the routers.

As social networks have grown vastly in size and heterogeneity, complex network studies have become necessary and gaining popularity in recent years. Many researchers are formulating theory for the growth and the structure of the networks from different fields including biology, chemistry, geography, mathematics and physics. Complex network analysis helps to capture small scale and large-scale features of these networks that are not very obvious. Such analysis also may uncover the underlying dynamics of network growth.

As the Internet has become a cornerstone of our daily communications, people have been sharing their daily activities and opinions over the online social networks. These systems raise privacy concerns, however, as the users are not in charge of their content. Hence, we propose a cloud based online social network that will integrate cloud systems into peer-to-peer paradigms to provide higher availability and lower delay in sharing content between friends.

Our system will be app-based where a background process will exchange posts with online friends and keep a backup of the data on the cloud. Advanced techniques are needed to understand the underlying topologies of large complex networks. In this project, we introduce a novel way to visualize large-scale network topologies. We propose an Inner Sphere visualization method that projects the network topology on the inside of a sphere.

User navigation around the network is accomplished through moving the sphere around the user's point of view. Since previous research has shown that the spatial cognition ability in humans greatly affects the usefulness of a user interface, two empirical experiments were performed to test the usefulness of viewing topologies on a sphere compared to a flat surface.

Our study indicated that network navigation on a sphere is faster but can also be confusing. Thus, we added more guidance tips to create a more intuitive user interface and to improve navigability.

Our Inner Sphere visualization method is implemented as a tool for interactive network visualization called GerbilSphere. With the Internet becoming central in daily communication, network security issues become very critical. Various communication paradigms have been deployed, each requiring specific security protection. In particular, as the Internet becomes a centerpiece of our daily lives, pirates are developing attack mechanisms using communication resources instead of traditional approaches.

In this project, we analyze the Internet traffic to gain more insight on attacks such as spam and worms. This understanding will guide the design of better communication mechanisms and protocols to prevent such attacks. In addition, we try to identify security flaws of emerging network technologies and develop attack prevention mechanisms to thwart malicious behavior.

One central concern in today's computing world is the privacy and integrity of sensitive data processed at remote systems. Networking typically involves a layered architecture where each layer is an abstraction of services to layer above. Writing code for networking software involves a good deal of abstraction.

Internship opportunities in networking range from simple network testing and troubleshooting to backend research and development of network protocols and components. Both hardware and software based opportunities are available, but software opportunities are generally more in quantity.

Most of the interns are assigned to specific tasks in the company and are expected to deliver in a few months time frame. Since it became as essential as computing, networking solutions are actively sought by industry, government, and military. There many core networking companies that generate solutions purely in computer networking. However, any IT or software company today needs experts in networking. Typically, an IT company has a communications and networking division as one of its biggest divisions.

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