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Mathematics in Daily Life Essay


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Usage of math in everyday life

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What Is Math Helper?
What is the meaning of Mathematics?

This is probably the most common use of math in which we make a list of things we need to buy as well as make payments in the end.

There is no denial in the fact that math has become an everyday part of our lives. If you can think of any other usage of math in our everyday life, do share them with us. I just love math. I think the basic reason of students hating maths is a bad teacher. And most importantly, my friends keep asking me what is the usage of math in our life, how this x,y,z gonna help us in our life? This essay gives good reply to those idiots.

Now you know how math is so useful tool. My kid is in VIII , when we start with maths he feel as if headache. He practice but keep in mind for temporary, I am bit worried because maths is base for future in all stream. Your email address will not be published. My Essay Point Free essays and term papers for students.

Related Articles How texting is ruining the English language? Importance of zero in mathematics. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: An Analysis of the Characters. March 18, at 6: My Essay Point says: March 26, at 7: When there are sales how much money it is and how much you save!! People use math every day. You use math whenever money, time, weight, height, calories or distance are involved for starters. Money You are going to book a hotel room for a trip. Good thing we know math. You get home at 4: If you need to switch the laundry 10min , walk the dog 20min , take out the trash 15min , cook and eat dinner 60min and do the dishes 20 min.

How much time do you have to pick out clothes? You want to buy something for your child that will hold up to 75lb. How many other kids can play on the item also? If 11 year olds weigh about 77lbs how long will he be able to use the item? If you are serving a calorie meal and you want to serve spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, wine and desert you will need to know how much they all are.

Salad is only 17c a serving but dressing adds calories. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Biker sustains severe burn injuries after bike catches fire at petrol pump in Tirunelveli Restaurateur prepares Ganpati idol with chocolate Bulls lock horns in traffic, overturn auto How to turn Rs into 1. Several killed as bus falls into gorge in Telangana Featured Today In Travel. Tea industry concerned over wage hike proposal.

Importance of Mathematics

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Mathematics is one of the most important subjects of our life. No matter to which field or profession you belong to, its use is everywhere. That is why it is necessary to have a good understand of the subject.

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Geometry is the mathematics of the properties, measurement, and relationship of the points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids (Foner and Garraty). An ancient Greek mathematician, named Euclidean, was the founder of the study of geometry. Euclid's Elements is .

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Use of Math in Daily Life. An Essay on Mathematics in everyday life Introduction: Mathematics is one kind of science. We cannot do a single moment without mathematics. It has made our everyday life easy . Usage of math in everyday life. Chatting or making calls using mobile phone; Everyone uses cell phones and it is no surprise that one needs to have the basic knowledge about numbers, signs and digits before using it. From surfing the internet, faxing documents to making calls and sending messages, math is definitely a part of our lives.

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Usefullness of Mathematics in Everyday Life Essay Words | 6 Pages Usefullness of Mathematics in Everyday Life G H Hardy once said that "Very little of mathematics is useful practically, and that little is comparatively dull". Such responses may be good but fail to address immediate needs of a student. There are various everyday practical applications of mathematics. The most common and essential application of mathematics in daily life is in financial management like spending, investing and saving. The modern world is money-driven and therefore, demands knowledge in mathematics to help in various calculations.